First Zune Accessory Purchase

av_kit.jpgSince I haven’t found a good slip cover case for my Zune, I started to focus on a docking station. Currently, I’m using the simple USB cable to connect and sync my Zune to my Desktop PC, but laying my Zune on my desk with a connected cable running to my Desktop PC USB port isn’t very functional (or cool looking). So getting a basic dock is high on my list of accessories. I noticed a week before Christmas that was having a sale on the older (round) docks where they were going for $14.99 (discounted by $25). They also had the Zune AV Kit (which contains the round dock, video cable, sync cable, wireless remote control, and AC adapter) going for $29.99 (discounted by $70). Since I needed an extra sync cable and AC adapter for my travel bag, I decided ordering the AV Kit would be the better deal.

The only issue is that the new Zune models (v2) are not completely compatible with the older docks. Specifically, the connector at the bottom of the dock is just a bit too close to the back of the dock slot making it diffcult (or impossible) to fit the new Zune 80 in it. After a bit of research, I discovered that a few users reported that taking off the top circular face place would allow the needed extra room for the Zune 80 to fit, so I decided to go with the $29.99 AV Kit purchase as the alternative is a $50 purchase for just the dock alone for the Zune v2 models.

So, my AV Kit arrives this morning and I immediately test to see if my Zune 80 will work with it. Sure enough, removing the top plate does allow the Zune 80 to fit (although it is a tight one), however, the remote control didn’t work. The remote is designed to drive the Zune while it is connected to the powered dock station. This is a handy feature if I connect my Zune to a TV set to watch video files, where I can change the videos, control the volume, etc. So not having a functioning remote control was a bummer.

At this point my only choices are to keep the AV kit as-is (with the defective remote or IR Receiver), or return the entire kit. The problem I always have with online ordering is that shipping defective merchandise back can get very costly, so much so that it negates any savings you might have gotten by ordering online vs a walk-in store. Because of this, I often write-off defective low cost items as shipping them back could cost as much as the item itself. In my case, the $32.00 US that I spend on this kit sits on the border with me regarding whether to ship it back for an exchange (once it’s open, you can’t get a refund from most online vendors). Fortunately, has a return policy where they will pay for shipping if the merchandise is defective (they provide you with a pre-paid UPS shipping label online to print out). So, returning the item wouldn’t cost me anything (unless they deem it to not be defective, in which case they will ship it back to me at my cost). This is certainly a nice and unusual return policy, so I shipped the AV kit back to today for an exchange. I’ll probably get my new kit in 2-3 weeks, so I’ll report back if the return procedure with goes well or badly.

So for the record:

  • The Zune 80 does fit in the older (round) Zune dock if you remove the top cover plate
  • To remove the cover, just depress the rectangular button that is inside the remote control slot (behind the Zune slot). This will release the cover and you can remove it
  • The Zune 80 will fit somewhat snuggly in the slot, but it isn’t too bad
  • With the cover removed, the remote control will fit very loosely in the remote control slot
  • If you buy just the Zune dock (older round one) it does not come with any cables. You’ll need to use your existing sync cable to connect your Zune to your Desktop PC or a powered USB port for recharging.

7 thoughts on “First Zune Accessory Purchase

  1. B Bedi says:


    Thanks a lot for the informative post – my situation is same as yours – actually identical – as I went for the same set with and I am so glad to see someone put my thoughts in words regarding the return issue.

    Also, thanks for the clear instructions on removing the base plate, I struggled with it for some time and was scared to break it – never noticed the button inside the remote slot – I though it was the padding for the remote 🙂

    Please do update us on your experience with return experience. I won’t be returning it this time though as my remote does work fine after removing the base plate and between the 15% restocking (non-defective) and return shipping, I’d hardly get $17 back – which is worth the Sync Cable/Charger/AV cable.

    Thanks Again.
    Happy New Year.

  2. zunetips says:

    B Bedi,

    Usually when I order something online, I have to be willing to accept a defective item and not bother to send it back. That is why I only order reasonably low-cost items online. In this case, paid for return shipping so it didn’t cost me anything to ship the AV kit back. They received the defective kit yesterday (according to UPS), so I’m waiting for them to process the claim and ship me a new one. I don’t expect any issues, but I’ll post what happens in either case on my blog.


  3. I recently purchased a Zune AV v2 dock for my 30G Zune thinking “Cool! Now I can play my zune vids on my TV!” nope. If it is supposed to, it doesn’t. At least not with mine. Being the knucklehead that I am I threw away the instruction manual shortly after opening this item having looked at it and seen how seemingly simple it would be to hook up to my TV. Simply remove the back output cover, connect the AV cable to the three AV jacks in back, and to the TV, switch the video selector to the right for the three way AV hook up, and voila’! Again….nope. Well, first of all, AV cords are universaly color coded FOR A REASON! Yellow = video, Red = right audio channel, and of course White = left audio channel. This is the case with EVERY SINGLE OTHER DEVICE I’VE EVER USED! Not in this case apparently. Whatever blue is supposed to be, it is certainly NOT a video output, nor is the green one…and yes, you guessed it, niether is the red one. I’m an Army sergeant stationed in Iraq and can’t simply frolic down to the local mall and ask a tech. *sigh* long story short, can someone please email me and tell me what the hell I’m doing wrong or if this will even do what I assumed it would?

  4. zunetips says:

    Digital Stryke,

    Did you set your Zune to display TV output? I think it’s under “Settings->Display”. There should be an option for TV out.

  5. Steve says:

    Digital Stryke

    Your dock came with no cables

    There are 2 outputs on the back of the unit

    The 3 connections on the back are composite outputs not component (RCA)

    The single connector (phono jack) needs you to use a Zune A/V cable (or knockoff brand) for output to standard def TV

    the three colours you mention are universal for composite which lets you view the video from the Zune in 480i on your HD TV

    Hope this helps

  6. Steve says:

    Her is the link to the manual in pdf format

    It says the Zune 30 (which I also have) can’t do composite out anyway so you’ll need the Zune AV cable. I have it and it works fine for mine (V1 dock)

    Good luck

  7. Anna says:

    Thanks so much for the info! I thought I had bought the wrong dock for my Zune 80. I thought I would never get that face plate off, but I finally held my mouth just right I guess because it finally popped right off. 😉

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