Addicted to Video Podcasts!

I absolutely love watching video podcasts on my Zune. The convenience of having the Zune Software automatically sync the latest three episodes for my subscribed Podcasts is wonderful. At first, I subscribed to any and every podcast available that sounded good, but after watching a few of them I’ve selectively removed some of the uninteresting ones. I wished the Comedy Central podcasts were longer in length (or have more episodes available), and I love the GeekBrief.TV (it’s amazing the two hosts are doing Podcasting full-time, and doing such a great job). The Nova Series is great, but again a bit too short (I want more!).

You can subscribe to Video and Audio Podcasts directly from the Zune Software. There’s a good number to choose from, and if that’s not enough you can search the web for more. The web site called has numerous podcasts which you can subscribe to. Just find the one you want, cut the http: address displayed and use it to subscribe from inside the Zune Software on your Desktop PC.

So far, I’ve been watching the podcasts late at night while in bed just before I go to sleep, so I haven’t been watching too much of the World News-based casts (don’t want to go to bed too depressed). But, I travel quite a bit for my day job so I’m planning to use my new Zune for watching movies and podcasts while on the plane, waiting in the airport, and when I’m stuck in my hotel room. The audio podcasts will come in handy for those long boring drives to customer sites. Hopefully, I won’t lose or drop my Zune during my many travels!


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