Watching YouTube Videos on Your Zune

YouTube has thousands if not millions of videos on their site for viewing. Unfortunately, you can’t simply “right-click” and do a “Save As” to save a selected video to your Desktop PC. There are several different freeware/shareware “downloader” programs available, but one in particular that I stumbled across works quite well for use on the Zune.

The nifty (free) utility called 1-Click YouTube Batch Downloader allows you to save a displayed YouTube video to your Desktop PC in WMV format (which can be viewed on a Zune). The only bad thing, is that the WMV file will under go the “transcoding” process when you sync it to your Zune device. Since most YouTube videos are small in size, I personally don’t mind the time it takes to transcode. So, this is a handy way of saving YouTube videos on your Zune for viewing away from your Desktop PC.


One thought on “Watching YouTube Videos on Your Zune

  1. steph says:

    thanks for this post, i love this program. very not too savvy user friendly.

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