Where to Buy Zune Accessories

Before I got my Zune 80, I never noticed Zune or Zune accessories at the local stores that I visited. It wasn’t until after I got my Zune as a Christmas present, that I started noticing Zune merchandising (maybe Microsoft stepped up their marketing campaign and distribution to retail stores for the holidays?). Of course, you will most likely pay retail prices at local walk-in stores while online stores will give you a discount on price (and often no sales tax). Here’s my list of stores that you can check out for Zune accessories:

Local Retail Stores

  • BestBuy and Circuit City – These stores are well discussed in various Zune forums for having Zunes and accessories.
  • Target – A local department store that sells both Zunes (4/8/80 GB) and a few accessories such as basic covers, ear buds, and amplified docks.
  • Fry’s Electronics – Big electronics and computer store that has the same merchandise as Target on display. I noticed they had the AV Kit v2 available, but not much more in accessories.

Note, that all of these stores have lots and lots of iPod accessories (e.g., chargers, docking stations, covers and cases) so it will just be a matter of time before the amount of Zune accessories catch up.

Online Internet Stores

  • Newegg.com – I love ordering from computer components from NewEgg, however, they seem to have very little accessories available for the Zune.
  • Buy.com -This online site seems to have great deals on Zune accessories, and they were offering inexpensive shipping just before Christmas. Although I’ve read a few forum postings where people were unhappy with Buy.com, I haven’t had any issues with them.
  • NextWebSales.com – This web site has Zune accessories selling for incredibly low prices. For example, they have Zune sync cables and charging cables going for 95 cents! Of course, their shipping charges are somewhat high, but in the end you still can get their products at a good price. I’ve never ordered from them before so I can’t vouch for their product quality, but it’s certainly worth checking out.
  • Amazon.com – The Big Daddy of online stores is a great place to search for Zune accessories, where you can often get great deals. Note, that amazon.com is basically a conglomeration of other small, individual stores so you need to take care when ordering items from them. Of course, you still have Amazon.com that will support and back you as a customer, so any issues with these small stores should be directed to Amazon for resolution.
  • HandHeldItems.com – This web site appears to have a good selection of Zune accessories at good prices.
  • Myincipio.com – Incipio seems to have a variety of good quality cases at reasonable prices. Some of the Amazon.com stores sell their products at a reduced cost, so you might check for them there.

Note, that accessories for the older Zune models will work with the 2nd generation Zune products. For example, the sync/charge cables available for the older zunes will also work for the Zune 4/8/80 gb devices. Also, it appears that the AV cables available for the iPod devices will work with the Zunes (i.e., the cable with a headphone jack on one end and RCA connectors on the other for composite video and audio).


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