Reading eBooks on the Zune?

The Zune is a multimedia device that can display pictures, play music and audio files, and play video files. What it doesn’t have, is the ability to display text files or books (which I believe an iPod can do). One resourceful person figured out how to overcome this limitation by converting text information into jpg image files. By this method, you could create several jpg images representing the “pages” of a book, sync them to your Zune and view them as pictures. Somewhat convoluted, but it should work.

The web site with this information is called and they explain how to use a program called jpegbook to convert text to jpg images. As an example, they do this procedure for a Zune 30 gb, so it looks like it works (although I haven’t tried it yet). So, if you need to have text available for reading on your Zune, you now have a method!

Side Note: This brings up an interesting concept — You could create a jpg image file containing whatever you want (such as text, diagram, logo, scanned document, etc.) and sync it to your Zune for viewing. The image would need to be 240×320 in size and the text would need to be big enough to read, but it may come in handy. The only caveot is that there’s no data encryption on the Zune so you couldn’t use this procedure to store sensitive information. But information such as bus schedules, airline flight time tables, subway schedules, etc. could be stored on your Zune this way. Just an idea…


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