Where Can I Get Videos For My Zune?

This question comes up in forum postings a lot, so I wanted to offer my two cents. In my opinion, the best way to get videos for your Zune is to create them yourself, with the source being recorded TV shows. If you have a DVD Recorder, TiVo Recorder, or TV Tuner card in your Desktop PC, you can easily record whatever movie, TV Show, etc. that you want. Free video editing software is readily available to help remove commercials, and the Video Conversion process that I mention on my blog site will help with conversion. It’s certainly a manual process, but it is free and totally legal. What’s nice with a TV Tuner card is that you could create batch files to automate the conversion and syncing process with your Zune (something I’ll discuss at a later date).

If you’re not into the recording bit and simply want to download videos (legally) you can use the 1-Click YouTube Batch Downloader software that I mentioned in a previous post. Or, do a simple Google search of “mp4 videos” and find numerous web sites with downloadable mp4 files. When I did a search, I found the following sites:

Most of the sites offer videos similar to what you would find on YouTube.com, but they are in mp4 format and easier to download. You’ll find movie trailers, music videos, TV Show skits (e.g., Seinfield and SNL partial episodes), and other personal uploaded video. So, not a bad place to start if you want some free video entertainment for your Zune.


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