Good deals on accessories at

I just discovered has discounted some more Zune accessories:

Microsoft Zune Travel Kit $20.24 ($60 savings) $24.99 ($55 savings)

Microsoft Zune Home AV Kit $20.24 ($80 savings) $24.99 ($75 savings)

[Update (3 Dec 08) – It looks like the sale is over and the prices have gone up a bit. Still a good savings.]

Yes, both seem to be going for the same low price. The travel kit is a good deal if you need another sync cable, a wall charger unit, and want a wired remote control (good for controlling your Zune in the car or leaving it in your pocket). I actually bought the Zune Home AV Kit and had to return it to because the wireless remote was defective (still waiting to get my replacement). I paid $29.95 for it, and now it’s going even cheaper. Note, that the dock unit in the AV kit won’t fit the 2nd generation Zunes unless you remove the top cover.


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