How can I categorize my Videos?

I just wrote up an explanation to how you can categorize you video files on your Zune. Unfortunately, you can’t simply create a folder and put your Family Guy episodes in it to group them. The Zune has four predefined categories (Videos, Music Videos, Movies, TV Shows) which you can assign to each video file. The tricky part, is finding the right tool to do the category association.

This is all done done by manipulating the “meta data” of each video file. Sounds pretty mystical, but meta data is simply extra data that is attached to a video file that isn’t required to play the video, but gives the video player additional information to do special tasks. I also explain how to order TV Show episodes (with an example), define a text description of the video, etc. So if you want to know how to do this “video tagging” check out my special writeup.


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