Zune acid test coming up…

So far, I’ve been busy with family activities since I got my Zune for Christmas and I really haven’t had time to fully test it. I’ve been busy with creating this Blog, learning how to convert videos, etc. However, I do have a business trip coming up soon (involving a long, connecting plane ride) which will allow me to test the extent of my Zune. I’ll know better how my Zune performs after using it on the plane and in the airport, at the hotel, etc. I’m hoping the Zune Premium ear buds will block out the airplane noise and be loud enough for me to ear the audio (my old Dell Axim Pocket PC always had trouble playing my audio podcasts loud enough for me to hear).

My wife bought me a Zune travel kit which has all the accessory goodies, so I’ll definitely bring that along (although the case it came with is rather large and may not fit in my carry-on travel bag very well). My biggest fears are that I’ll either lose or have my new Zune stolen which would be a big bummer. I’ll just have to make sure my Zune never leaves my sight! I’ll definitely be looking out for other Zuners, but I think we’re drastically out numbered by iPods. It will be interesting to see what pops up when I turn on my WiFi…


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