Turning Off Your Zune (For Real)

The small quick-start guide that came with my Zune 80 explained that holding down the “Play” button will turn my Zune off. Well, that’s not entirely true. Holding the play button down will merely put your Zune in “sleep” mode, where you can wake it up by pressing any button (so long as the lock button isn’t activated). So, power is still being used to keep your Zune snoozing until you wake it up. What if you want to save your battery power (say, on a long flight)? Is there a way to really turn it off?

Why, yes there is a way by using a combination of buttons on your Zune. If you hold down the Back Button and Down button simultaneously, the Zune will really turn off. If you then hold down the Play button, the Zune will turn back on (note, it will take about 20 seconds for the Zune to completely power up). Below are a few useful combination buttons you can use:

  • Back Button + Down Button = Turn Off
  • Back Button + Up Button = Reset (or Reboot)

So if your device locks up for some reason, you can always try the reboot button sequence. Now, you need to be careful as the following button combinations can be a bit dangerous:

  • Back Button + Center Button + Right Button = Delete all Content
  • Back Button + Center Button + Left Button = Delete all Content and Delete Firmware

So, you really don’t want to accidentally hit those last two button combinations when you’re out of town and away from your Desktop PC!


17 thoughts on “Turning Off Your Zune (For Real)

  1. Eunique Wikey says:

    Thanks the first two really helped alot, because when I would think I was turning it off I kept wondering why the hell my zune kept dying so fast. The last two really dont work for me because I have the Zune 80GB and the touch pad wont allow it. But thanks anyway.

  2. hiphopdfender says:

    how would you get the 4th one to work???

    i’ve tried but cant get it to delete???

  3. zunetips says:


    Try this:

    1) Press the Back Button + Up Button to reboot your Zune.
    2) During the reboot sequence, you’ll see the “Zune” icon appear on the screen. When you see it, press the Back Button + Center Button + Left Button at the same time

    I had the same problem recently when I wanted to clear my device, and you need to initiate it during the reboot sequence.

  4. Ly says:

    Woah, I did not know this.
    I only just bought my Zune last week, but I really thought it was holding down the play button that turned it off, and was just really quick in turning back on again.

  5. Glabahaba says:

    what if when u completely turn it off it wont turn back on after 20 seconds…. i tried this with my zune. i turned it off completely i let it sit there for about 20 sec then when i try to turn it on it wont turn on! what do i do now?

  6. zunetips says:

    I’ve never had a problem with my Zune not turning back on. Maybe the battery level is too low to turn on? I suggest you try charging it for a few hours to see if that fixes the problem.

  7. Glabahaba says:

    it was fully charged when i did this

  8. zunetips says:

    Did you try a reset? Also, if you connect your Zune to your PC does it make a connection to your Zune Software? I’m wondering if the screen went bad.

  9. Glabahaba says:

    ya i tried reset like 50 times and my zune software works fine….

  10. AmberS says:

    Thaks A lot!I’ve had my zune since December,my bf got it for me as a gift,and still didnt know untill today how to turn it off!i’ve known for awhile that i was only putting it in “sleep mode” but i was still doubting myself.I’m so glad i was right and not just crazy…lol.thanks again!

  11. Ben says:

    Okay, so my Zune froze and I wanted to reset it. I had forgotten the correct button combination, so I just tried one I remembered: I held down back and pressed down on the Zune pad. Harmless, right?

    All my content is gone. All of it. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but it’s going to be quite the pain to get it back, unless there’s some way that it’s still on there.

    The weird thing is is that my Zune setup still shows my 120 GB has having sixty or so gigs (I just got it so..) left, when there should be about..oh, let’s see…120. I’ve tried resetting/rebooting, I tried turning it off again, to no avail.

    So, bottom line: Why did the button combination for turning my Zune off erase all my content?

  12. Ben says:

    And now, I can’t get the music that I do have back on to the Zune properly. Out of the many gigs that I have, only a minute amount actually manages to make it on the Zune.

    What the hell is going on?! I’ve only had my Zune for about a month and a half, and I’m seriously pissed to be already having so many problems with it.

  13. zunetips says:

    I would guess that either the firmware is corrupt, or maybe your hard drive has failed. I suggest you do a google search on “how to reformat zune drive” or “reload firmware zune” and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, then you may need to send your Zune in for repair (or take it back to where you bought it, if they will exchange it).

  14. Ben says:

    Problem: I live overseas; a Zune had to be brought from the states.

    I erased all content from the actual Zune player, and I think it’s re-syncing properly, but I’ll know for sure when it’s finished.

  15. giegerenzer says:

    Why is “Now playing” list empty when you turn off zune and turn it back on? It does not remember what it played the last time, i think this works only if you use the sleep mode, right? I think it is very annoying that i have too forward to where i left before turning it off.

  16. Seven Hates says:

    i wanna reload the firmware of mi zune because the new update firmaware have tooooooo manyyyy problems. that make my zune frizeed during the sync. Before it didn.t , i have a zune 120 GB. with touch pad, and i can’t do the 4th combination. pleace HELP!!

  17. Travis says:

    hey i told my friend out about the reboot.. he thought his was broken … he only saw a dimed lighted screen… when we saw that and we hit back+up and then it started to reboot(or restart) and he has his zune back… he said to resync with his zune account but he was ok with that :D….(not saying this will work for u… but worth a try?(YES!)

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