Free Music and Video Downloads Please!

I was looking through the forums, and there are numerous postings with the general title, “Where can I download free music and videos?”. Let’s assume that these posters are all honest people and aren’t asking for illegal downloads. In that case, you have to realize that you probably won’t find a legitimate web site that has the top music hits available for free download (the same goes for mainstream movies). So, is there anything available for free download? Luckily, the answer is yes. If you simply do a Google search for “free mp3 downloads” you’ll get lots of hits, some good and some junky advertisement sites. Below are a few of the good ones that you might want to check out:

Free Music Download Sites

  • – This site actually has music from several well known artists (Barenaked Ladies, Moby, Brian Eno, etc.) available for download for the Zune. There’s not a lot of song choices, but enough to wet your whistle.
  • – This site offers lots of music by Independent Musicians for download on your Zune. Lots of different music genre.
  • -Quite a few free mp3 downloads available from Independent Artists.

Free Video Download Sites

  • – This is the famous site that contains hundred of thousands (or possibly millions) of user uploaded videos. The trick, is to save the displayed video in WMV format downloaded to your PC. There’s lots of browser-based utilities to do this, such as 1-Click YouTube Batch Downloader.
  • – Here’s a really cool site where you can download full-length movies that are public domain. These movies include documentaries, old classics, and independent films. Format is MPEG4,MPEG2, and MPEG1.
  • – An excellent site that contains old classic movies, TV Shows, and cartoons. And when I say classic, I mean 1960s and older. I’m currently downloading The Last Man On Earth with Vincent Price (the original movie that was remade later as Omega Man with Charlton Heston and I Am Legend with Will Smith).
  • – Some interesting (and strange) short movies you can download (use the iPod link to get MP4 files).
  • – Amazing, there’s lots of videos you can download just by searching for them and clicking the “Download” button (for the Video-iPod).

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