A Cheap Travel Case For Your Zune

I’ve been waiting for a good slip cover case for my Zune to come on the market, but I haven’t found anything that I really like (and is reasonably priced). I considered using a slip case for an iPhone or iTouch device, but those devices are just a bit too thin in comparsion to the Zune 80 and I don’t want to risk having too tight a fit. In the meantime, I’m using an old Pocket PC slip case to protect my Zune from scratches, etc. Now, I got my Zune 80 as a gift for Christmas and believe-it-or-not, it hasn’t left my house yet! I’ve used it in my home office, family room, and bedroom, but I haven’t taken it outside of my home. That will change soon with an upcoming week-long business trip. So, I’m going to need a better case than the current oversized Pocket PC cover that I’m using.

Today, I realized that that unlike my previous Pocket PC devices, I’ll need a way of storing my earbuds along with my Zune. Normally, I just roll up my earphones for my Pocket PC device and dump them in my travel bag, as I can continue to use my Pocket PC without them. For the Zune, the earbuds are essential and renders the Zune useless without them. So, I really do need a small case that can house both my Zune and one pair of earbuds.

I also noticed that my Zune is about the same size as a modern digital camera, so that got me thinking that a small case designed for a digital camera may be sufficient for my needs. Since there’s so many digital camera accessories available, I’m bound to find something that will work at one of the local stores.

Online, I found lots of different web stores such as Newegg.com (my personal favorite) and caselogic.com selling nice, small cases for under $15 US. I really want something to be padded and protect my Zune while it rides in my travel bag on my business trips. I don’t need a fancy belt-clip model, or leather flip case, so I think a simple digital camera case or PDA case will do. I’ll post some photos and give my recommendations when I do find the perfect cover for my Zune!


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