Product Return

As you may have read from a previous posting, I had to return the Zune AV Kit because the wireless remote was defective. Although had a nice return policy on defective merchandise (they pay for return shipping), I’m still waiting for my new kit to arrive by mail. It’s been 10 days since they received the item (via UPS), so I emailed them and their support group responded by saying their staff is a bit overwhelmed currently but they will process my return in the order that it was received. Maybe that’s true, so I’ll give them a break, but if after another week I don’t get a notice of a new shipment, I’ll probably call them and request a refund to my credit card. I think 17 days is enough time to process my return and send me a replacement product.

I hope this works out, since seems to have a lot of great deals on Zune accessories. But, with ordering online you have to live with the possibility of dealing with defective merchandise.

[Update – 10 Jan 08]: Well, just shipped my replacement Zune AV Kit today, so I should get in on the 15th. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the wireless remote will work this time! If not, I’ll just use the dock as-is without the remote (not worth sending it back again).


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