Recovering a Lost Zune

With my upcoming business trip, I was thinking there’s lots of ways for me to forget or lose my Zune (leaving it in the magazine pouch on the plane, forgetting it in the rental car or hotel, etc.). I would hope that an honest person finding it would try to return it to the rightful owner, however, there’s no place in the Zune OS to put owner information. Aside from writing on the back of the Zune itself, what can you do?

One option that comes to mind, is to create a simple jpg image file with the title “REWARD IF FOUND” or “PLEASE RETURN IF FOUND”, and putting owner information as text in the image. You can then sync this image file to your Zune, and hopefully someone finding your Zune will see this image file and try to contact you.

Along those same lines, you could also use a custom background (wallpaper) for your Zune, with your name and phone number conspicuously located along the side edge of the screen (to not obscure the menu text). It’s not very cool looking, but at least it will be immediately visible if someone turns on your Zune.

Also, you could create a simple video file with this information, or even a short video of you asking for the finder to return your Zune. Of course, offering a reward is always a nice incentive if you feel that would help in getting your device returned.

And finally, it doesn’t hurt to put your owner information inside whatever travel case you are using for your Zune (in case you forget the whole kit-n-kabootle). Remember, your chances of getting your Zune back is zero if you don’t at least try to identify it as yours!


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