So, What’s In Your Wallet?

… as goes the Capital One Commercial slogan. I’m just curious how much “stuff” people take with them when on travel. When I travel to a different city for a business trip, I really try to minimize how much stuff I bring with me. I use to take extra clothes just in case I get something dirty or have to stay an extra day. Of course, that never happens so I stopped doing that. I also brought two pairs of shoes (black and brown) if I stayed more than 3 days, but I stopped doing that also to travel lighter.

Now what I do before a trip is dump everything out of my carry-on shoulder bag and just bring these essentials:

  • Dell laptop computer – Of course I need to bring this since I do software demos and need to check email, etc. I wish I had a smaller and lighter one, but it’s what was provided by my employer.
  • Laptop Power cord and mouse – More obvious essentials.
  • Extra laptop battery – I have a 2nd battery that fits in the DVD media bay which I bring. It makes my carry-on bag a bit heavier, but I get 5 hours of laptop use instead of 2.5 hours so well worth it.
  • Wireless broadband PC Card – Necessary for connecting to the internet when there’s no available Free WiFi.
  • Retractable CAT5 network cable – In case the hotel room doesn’t have one.
  • Cell phone wall charger – I could charge my Moto-Q phone using a USB cable connected to my laptop, but it’s more convenient to charge my phone by AC power.
  • Cell phone car charger – My Moto-Q sucks my battery dry throughout the day, so I constantly charge it whenever I can.
  • Extra cell phone battery – Just in case my cell phone dies when I need it most.
  • DVD-ROM media drive – With my extra battery taking it’s slot in my laptop, I have to bring this in case I need to burn a CD or DVD for a customer.
  • Small bottle of Tylenol – Absolutely necessary for those big headaches on the plane or in meetings.
  • Google map printouts – So I can find my way to the hotel, customer site, restaurants, and back to the car rental facility.
  • Pad of paper, pens, laser pointer, mints, business cards – All the small stuff that settles in the bottom of my bag.
  • Breakfast bars – Absolutely necessary in case I get stuck on a delayed plane or at a terminal gate and I get starving hungry.

Man, that’s a lot of junk to carry around in my bag! Now that I have a new Zune 80, I’ve got even more stuff to bring along. Here’s what I’m planning to bring on my next business trip:

  • Zune 80 (of course) in a small digital camera bag
  • Premium earbuds
  • USB charger
  • Extra earbuds
  • USB port car charger

I’ll try to carry my Zune on me (in my coat pocket), but at times I’ll need to store it in my travel bag, so I’m planning to use a padded digital camera case to protect it. Hopefully, I’ll be in a situation where my Zune is fully charged when I’m on my plane flights so I can use it to watch and listen to podcasts and watch loaded movies and TV Shows. I’ve contemplated getting a battery charger (in case my Zune runs out out of juice on a long flight), but I’ll see how it goes on this trip before doing that.

So, that’s what I usually bring… what’s in your wallet?


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