Inexpensive Travel Case For My Zune

With my upcoming business trip I wanted to make sure my new Zune is well protected from bangs and bumps in my carry on bag. I didn’t want to get a traditional leather case or silicone case, because I don’t want to add bulk to my Zune. So I looked around and opted to buy a simple digital camera case from a local Fred Meyer store. The picture below shows my travel case next to my Zune 80, and as you can see it’s a perfect fit.


The case is well padded and has a soft felt liner so the screen should be well protected from bumps and possible scratches. There’s even a small pouch in the front for stowing earbuds or a sync cable, so I’m all set! Best of all, this case was priced at only $9.99 US, so it was a bargain compared to the Zune-specific cases. Of course, someone may think my solution as being big or ugly, but it does exactly what I need and doesn’t break the bank! I still want to get a nice slip cover case for my Zune, but this should be adequate or my immediate needs.


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