The Super Details on Zune Video Files

If you’re having trouble using various free and commercial video converters where the convert file still under goes transcoding (re-converting) when syncing to your Zune, most likely your conversion settings fell out side of the required Zune specifications. For example, if your video resolution is 720×576 then the maximum frames per second you can use is 25 (as per the Zune specs). So if you used 30 fps then your video would under go transcoding during syncing.

I’ve tried to summarize these detailed specs on my Zune Video Specs page. My data might not be totally perfect, but it should be pretty close. Note, that following the instructions on my Video Conversion page should give you a high-quality video with no transcoding every time.


2 thoughts on “The Super Details on Zune Video Files

  1. yipcanjo says:

    Thanks so much for your site. It’s really great.

    Quick question: I’m wanting to use a Zune 30 for good quality output to a projector, but from what I can find, the Zune 30 *only* supports 320×240 rez video. Is that correct? If so, a 320×240 video file will *not* look very good on a bigger screen 😦

  2. zunetips says:

    If you go to my Zune Specs page, you’ll see that the Zune 30 can have a WMV file with a max resolution of 720×480, 30 frames per second and 3 Mbps. So, you can go higher than 320×240.

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