Free Music and Video Downloads Page

I just added a new page that has a set of links for free music and video downloads. I’ll try to update this page with new links whenever I come across them. Note, that these links should be legal downloads, so don’t be expecting the lastest box office hits here!

Also, a good place for lots of downloadable videos is (similar to the site). What’s unique about Google’s video site is the presence of a “download” button that allows you to download the displayed video to a file on your PC.


Use the “Video iPod/Sony PSP” format and the downloaded file will be in MP4 format for your Zune. I’ve downloaded old episodes of Tour of Duty on my PC (which appear to be full episodes) and they actually look pretty good on my Zune (no transcoding during syncing). Note, that I couldn’t successfully download a Google video completely using FireFox (Internet Explorer worked fine).

The Google Videos aren’t of the greatest quality, but they do download relatively quickly and best of all are free!


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