Video Editing Tools

If you’re using a TV Tuner card to record your favorite TV shows for your Zune, you no doubt want to edit out the commercials, rolling credits, etc. I’ve used a freeware tool called VirtualDub which seems to be an easy-to-use tool for this purpose. It can import a variety of different file types, but it only saves in AVI format. This editing tool is considered “linear”, as you can only edit one video track and you can’t insert video, do transitions, etc. It’s main purpose is to cut out segments (i.e., commercials) which it does well. Once you’ve edited your video, you can save it using various different codecs to compress the file (by default, it will save the AVI uncompressed). It’s also designed to work very fast, so saving your edited AVI file shouldn’t take hours to finish.


One nice feature in VirtualDub, is the ability to queue up your edited files so they can be processed in batch mode. That way, you can have your computer do the processing overnight when you’re not using your machine.


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