Another Zune Online Store

I came across, an online store dedicated to selling Zune products and accessories. They do seem to have some good quality accessories at good prices. For example, they have this compact carry case that fits the Zune 80 perfectly and has room for earbuds and sync cable. The price for this case is $10.95 US, which is a deal.


They also have various ear buds, a Zune sync cable, screen protectors, etc. all going for very good prices (in my opinion). I’ve never ordered from them before, but I am considering getting the carry case for my Zune 80.

[Updated: 12 Jan 08] – I just ordered this case, as it appeared to be good deal at $10.95 and the shipping was reasonable ($3.95 for First Class). So, I’ll let everyone know how long it takes before I get it and how everything works out with

[Updated: 17 Jan 08] – The case that I ordered arrived today, in just 5 days with priority shipping. It’s a very simple case (nothing flashy), and it’s exactly what I wanted and needed. Very small and compact, and fits the Zune 80 perfectly. It a soft liner on the inside to keep the screen from getting scratched, and the outer part of the case is slightly rigid to help protect the Zune. Very good product for the price — highly recommended.


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