YouTube.Com – Great Source for Short Videos

Last night I was at downloading various short videos and clips for my Zune. My list of downloads included: Demon with a Glass Hand, Space 1999, Twilight Zone’s version of Planet of the Apes, Logan Run’s, Tour of Duty. Since YouTube doesn’t have a simple “download” button, I had to use the program called You Tube Downloader which takes as input the http link for the video and saves the file as a FLV movie file. Using this tool I can download several YouTube videos at the same time, so I simply went through YouTube and downloaded video files whenever I found anything interesting.

Since Windows Media Encoder can’t process FLV files, I used WM Converter 2 to convert the flv files to wmv file format (which I did in batch mode). Since some of my YouTube videos were broken up into 3 or 4 separate video files, I had WM Converter 2 merge them together into a single WMV file after it processed them (a very nice feature). The only bad thing, is that the WMV file created by WM Converter uses an MPEG codec so the files would be transcoded when I synced to my Zune. That would be ok if I was willing to wait for the reconverting, but instead I decided to do the reconverting myself using Windows Media Encoder. So, I queued up all the WMV files for converting using WME, and once that was done I copied the new WMV files to my Zune sync folder.

It all may sound complicated, but it wasn’t too bad (especially since I could do most of the steps in batch mode). Some of the videos were short, while the Tour of Duty and Demon with a Glass Hand videos were full episodes. So if you get bored and want to watch some semi-short videos on your Zune while on a plane flight, you can probably find some good ones on!


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