Round Dock For the Zune 80

I finally got my replacement Zune AV Kit today, and I’m happy to report that the wireless remote works in this kit! It’s really nice to be able to scroll through the menus and control my Zune 80 from a distance with the remote.

Now, the older round Zune dock was designed for the 1st generation Zune 30 device, and the 2nd generation Zune 80 won’t fit in the Dock slot unless you modify it. Luckily, it doesn’t take much effort to do so. All you need to do, is push the small rectangular button that is located in the rear slot on the dock (see image below).


In doing so, the top plate will pop off giving you the needed extra room for your Zune 80 to fit in the front slot. The Dock with the plate removed still looks fine, as shown below.


The Zune 80 sits in the slot with a slightly snug fit, but it’s not too bad. Nothing to be concerned about.


Now, there is a small slot just behind the Zune slot for storing the wireless remote as shown below. This remote does have a magnetic back, so you could hang it on the side of your metallic computer CPU, refrigerator, etc.


Finally, some people might be wondering what other connector ports are present on the back of the dock, and other than than the USB sync cable connector, you have the A/V jack for RCA component output.


So the older 1st generation round dock will work with the newer Zune 80 model if you remove the top plate. You can buy these docks from for $14.24 US and the complete A/V Kit (Dock, Sync Cable, AC Adapter, Wireless remote, A/V Cables) for $24.99 US. In contrast, the 2nd generation rectangular dock is priced at $45.99 US from, so you can see why I decided to modify the 1st generation dock and get additional accessories for half the price!

All I can say, is that having my Zune sitting upright in the dock is much better than laying flat on my desk with the sync cable sprawled across it.

Note: If you buy just the Zune Dock, it doesn’t come with any cables. So, you’ll need to use your existing Zune USB sync cable for syncing and charging your Zune.


17 thoughts on “Round Dock For the Zune 80

  1. SwissMoose says:

    Thanks for the tip, I was wondering about that. Was also wondering if MS was planning to release new shells for the top of the round dock so that it would fit a Zune4/8. Probably not going to happen.

    Have you confirmed that it will output the component video from these older docks with a Zune80 (red, green, blue) and not composite video like the Zune30’s were limited to (yellow, red, white)? I know the Zune80 will out the 480p directly but would be nice to confirm that this dock keeps that capability.

  2. zunetips says:

    The purpose of having removable tops is to accommodate newer models, but I don’t think Microsoft will be selling new tops for the round dock.

    I’m certain the video output is not component video with the round dock. If you need that, you’ll need to get the newer v2 dock.

  3. Xsabre says:

    I wanted to bring some light to the question of whether Microsoft will be providing new tops for the Zune Dock v1.

    They will be providing new tops for the Zune 4/8, but not for the Zune 80. They state that it is not compatible. (We know different)

  4. Xsabre says:

    Forgot to mention…

    Nice Zune blog… very informative posts. I found it by accident but glad I did.

  5. zunetips says:


    Thanks for that information. Nice find on the Microsoft Knowledge Base. I understand why they won’t have a new insert for the Zune 80, because anything they make will reduce the size of the slot and the Zune 80 wouldn’t fit. The real problem, is that the Zune 80’s connector is too far towards the rear of the device and the Zune 80 is too thick to accommodate any insert piece in the round dock. Remove the insert cover just gives enough room for it to fit.

  6. badger65 says:

    Thanks a million for the information. Been burning the late night oil trying to figure out all of this fun stuff. The only question I have and can’t seem to find an answer to is, will the V1 remote work with the V2 dock? Anyone tried that yet?

    Thanks for your work and effort on this information.

  7. zunetips says:

    badger65: I believe it does, but I can’t verify that. You should try searching the forums at or to see of someone posted that same question.

  8. Rick says:

    If you put the Zune 80 in the old dock, will the av output work? Because I’ve heard it doesn’t.

  9. zunetips says:

    Rick: I haven’t tried to do so with my Zune 80 and 1 gen round dock, so I can’t confirm that it works or doesn’t work. When I get my Zune back from the repair center, I’ll give it a try.

  10. Rick says:

    Okay, thanks.

  11. Rick says:

    Nvm. What I heard was that the Zune 80 in this dock doesn’t get the component video out capabilities that it would in the new dock. So you can’t watch movies in 480i, but you can still use the AV out to watch movies, they just won’t be in as good quality.

  12. zunetips says:

    Rick: You are right. The older round dock doesn’t have the component video out. If you want that, you’ll have to get the newer 2nd generation dock.

  13. Fanny Garcia says:

    I have a couple of audio devices with docks connectors for ipods but I want to replace the these connectors with the ones for Zune 80 .I don’t mean the sync/charge cable.. I want the the connectors. They have 24 pins. Any suggestions please?

  14. Luis says:

    In my case the remote control doesn´t work. I don´t understand what is wrong with it?
    Is the IR receiver tapped by plastic? Is neccesary some set up in the Zune device?
    I already put in a fresh battery.
    Thank you in advance for your help.


  15. zunetips says:

    Luis: I’m not sure. A fresh battery fixed my problem. Also, if you’re using the Round dock you definitely need to have it plugged into a powered USB port for the IR receiver to work. You might also try doing a soft-reboot of your Zune (I think I needed to do that also with my Zune 80).

  16. pornchai says:

    Dors this round dock support ZUNE HD 16GB ?
    I connected all togather but nothing shown on TV.
    I connected round Dock with Zune AV cable to TV and charged with USB adapter with Zune USB cable. Nothing shown on TV. excepted sound only. No picture. Is there any thing wrong ?

  17. zunetips says:

    I know that the round dock does work ok with the Zune HD for syncing with a desktop PC and charging, but I’ve never tested it for video output with the Zune HD. I suggest you make sure you’ve adjusted the settings for your Zune HD to Display TV out for the proper signal and also make sure you’ve got the dock connected to AC power.

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