ZuneOne.net Carry Case Very Popular

The carry case sold by Zuneone.net that I discussed in a previous posting was so Popular, it’s now out of stock! I got mine last week and really love it. It’s very compact and just the right size for my Zune 80. I can now put my Zune in my travel bag and know that it’s safe from getting dinged or scratched.

The $10.95 US was a great deal, and I’m sure they will have more soon. I highly recommend it for those who want small carry case for their Zune (and for go the usual permanently attached cases).


One thought on “ZuneOne.net Carry Case Very Popular

  1. Matt (Jack) says:

    Incipio makes some good cases too: http://www.myincipio.com/category/1_mp3_accessories.device.microsoft_zune/

    I just got the “ECO|case Canvas Wallet Case fore Zune 80gb by Incipio” and it is pretty good: http://www.myincipio.com/product/ZUNE_CASE_Z-136/ECOcase_Canvas_Wallet_Case_fore_Zune_80gb_by_Incipio.html

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