Zune Software Version 2.3 Released

programs.pngFYI, version 2.3 of the Zune Software (for your PC) has been released. You probably already know this, since your current Zune Software will check for updates and should have notified you automatically. Although the updated software looks about the same as the previous version, it apparently has a lot of bug fixes which are described on the Zune.net web site.


2 thoughts on “Zune Software Version 2.3 Released

  1. bob says:

    My Zune software kept telling me that there were no updates. I checked my proxy settings and there is no reason it would say that. So I had to manually download the software and install it that way. I’m still pretty upset as I don’t notice many fixes actually worked. I still get errors when trying to download from specific podcasts. The Zune software is slow (I have a brand new full spec PC) and frustrating to use. The fact that I have to connect it every day to clean up my Zune from already listened to podcasts is a HUGE pain.
    With all of the functionality the Zune doesn’t have, you would think that Microsoft would add just a handful of the trivial functions people have been asking for. How difficult would it be to delete on the fly, or mark for deletion, or move to a recycle bin?

    And as much as I want Microsoft to succeed, I’m slowly going to go back to the likes of Creative or iRiver since they don’t prohibit me from the basic things I’m accustomed to.

  2. zunetips says:

    I’ve had similar issues with podcasts not being updated automatically, etc. It’s too bad that these items don’t seem to be fixed in these updates.

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