More Free Videos and Music for Download

free_music_videos_small.pngI came across some more sites offering free videos and music downloads. The first is ROFL – Funny Video Clips which offers downloadable videos in MP4 format (suitable for the Zune). They have a lot of YouTube-like videos available, which are mainly commericals, funny home videos, TV clips, etc.

For music, check out, which offers free music in streaming format. For the most part you can listen to music from their site, but you can’t download it. They do have a few locations where you can download MP3 files for free, such as on the iPod Starter Kit link (on the main page). Most of these musicians are Indie, so you won’t get the big name artists here.

Also on, you can click on the Indie Rock link, and then click on any of the Artists that appear under “Indie to Go Vol. 12” to find more downloadable MP3 files.


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