Pet Peeve: Unreadable Forum Postings

pet_peeve.pngAs you can tell from my previous postings, I frequent the different Zune forums on a regular basis to get information and help others with answers to their questions. Often, I’ll find questions concerning video conversion which I answer with a suggestion to visit this forum for more information. But I’ve noticed that a lot of people are using shortcuts, Internet acronyms, and simply misspelled words in their postings that really irritate me. Something like the following:

lol. I need hlp converting vids becuz i want to wtch vids on Zune lol. Plz hlp lol cuz my Zne is sad wo vids lol.

Just typing that sentence is irritating to me! And, why the need to put in all the “lol” jargon? (I’m assuming that lol = laugh out loud). I can only guess this type of posting is written by a teenager who is too lazy to type out full words or use correct grammar. I wonder how do these teenagers graduate from Junior High or High School? If they are so use to writing in this manner (probably text messaging on their phones), how do they write term papers for class? That must be a big problem, unless MS-Word can correct all their grammar for them.

For me, this type of writing is just as bad as writing a posting or email in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!! (That’s a whole different pet peeve topic…)


4 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: Unreadable Forum Postings

  1. Kevin says:

    I totally agree with you my friend. I noticed that long time ago. I remember when I was in the University the professors were so picky about grammatical mistakes and sometimes you had to redo your term paper because of that. I wonder nowadays how would it be to hand in a term paper with so many jargon. Keep it up my frien a great web site and a lot of useful information. Thank you for your support.

  2. Ben says:

    Agreed. Also, I wanted to commend you on your site. Actually my favorite zune site that actually has very useful information.

  3. zunetips says:

    Thanks for your comments and support. I’m hoping to get enough people visiting my web blog to justify getting an official domain site and possibly set up a discussion forum.

  4. i-bystander says:

    I say build it and they will come. I’ve been following your site closely and I agree with the sentiments above – there’s great stuff here and your first-hand information and real-world applications are a breath of fresh air. If you need help setting up and/or running the site, I’d be happy to help. 🙂

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