Traveling with my Zune

Sorry for the lack of postings recently, as I’ve been away on business travel. I was actually looking forward to my most recent trip, as I was planning to make use of my new Zune 80 for the plane flight. Normally, I would fly Alaska Airlines or Northwest Airlines for my trips, but this time it made more sense for me to fly Delta Airlines to my destination. As this was my first time with Delta, I wasn’t sure what to expect for the flight. I was pleasantly surprised to find my outbound and inbound flights were on a Boeing wide-body aircraft (very roomy), and each seat had a personal entertainment system in the headrest. I was able to watch various satellite TV shows and play a few trivia games during the flight, and because of this I never made use of my Zune 80 for entertainment. My business meetings all week ran very late, so I didn’t have an opportunity to even use my Zune after hours to watch a movie or video podcast. So as a result, I never took my Zune out of it’s travel case!

I also was trying to be more observant of others around me who were using a Zune device, but I didn’t come across any other Zuners. Lots of people using iPods and other media players on the plane, in the airport, and on the subway trains, but nobody with a Zune. So to date I still haven’t come across another Zuner. Never fear, I do have two more trips coming up where I might come across a Zune owner in my travels.


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