Still Has Good Prices

It’s been a slow week, so I just wanted to remind people that still has a lot of good deals for Zune accessories. For example:

  • 1st gen Zune Dock (Round) for $14.24
  • Retractable Sync cable for $0.01
  • Retractable AV Cable for $5.00
  • Travel wall charger for $0.01
  • Car Charger adapter for $1.88

Now, those incredibly low prices can be deceiving because you still need to factor in shipping costs, but in general the low price and higher shipping cost still gives you a significant savings over retail prices. I bought a sync cable and Zune dock from and it is a legitimate online store (in my opinion).


7 thoughts on “ Still Has Good Prices

  1. Robert says:

    I just check for these items and I do not see them for the price you list. Is it possible that they changed their prices that quickly?

  2. zunetips says:

    If you go to and type in “zune” in the search box, you’ll see all the products related to the Zune devices. I just tried it, and I still see items such as the 1st gen Zune Dock listed at $14.24, etc. So, it appears that those prices are still valid.

  3. bobby says:

    So does the 1st gen Zune Dock work with the Zune II 80gig? If so, that is a sweet deal, except I don’t think that you can get high def onto your TV through it.

  4. zunetips says:

    bobby: Check out my previous posting which talks about using the older round dock with a 2nd gen Zune 80 gb. You are right, in that the older dock has a standard A/V cable jack (not video components).

  5. akersjp says:

    Besides the zune dock, does the sync cable and wall charger work with the zune 80? Thanks in advance

  6. zunetips says:

    Yes. The sync cable is the same for all the Zunes, and so is the wall charger.

  7. akersjp says:


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