Cleaning Up The Zune Temp Folder

The Zune Software will store files in a temporary folder when you sync video files and video podcasts (which requires transcoding). If you don’t routinely clean out this temp folder, it can really fill up with files. I checked mine recently, and it was over 6 GB in size! Here’s how you can check on your system:

First, in File Explorer right-click on the C: drive icon and select “Properties” from the popup context menu. You should see a dialog window similar to the image below:


Next, click the “Disk Cleanup” button and after a minute or so you’ll see the dialog window as shown below:


If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see how much disk space is being taken up by the Zune temp folder. As you can see, I’ve got 6 GB of cached data that can be deleted. So I simply check the checkbox next to that item and click the OK button to start the clean up procedure.

Now, normally I convert all my videos so to avoid transcoding, so I shouldn’t see a lot of temp files from my video syncing. However, some of the video podcasts that I’ve subscribed to may do transcoding when downloading from the internet. So this is probably something you should check from time to time if you do a lot of video conversions or syncing with video podcasts.


One thought on “Cleaning Up The Zune Temp Folder

  1. abbster says:

    thanks so much. it really helped!

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