TV Episode Sort Order on Zune

I created my Video Tagging Page after conducting extensive research of various forum postings and web sites. I thought I had the TV Episode sorting issue figured out, however my recent attempts at sorting and syncing Space: Above and Beyond episodes failed. All the episodes were jumbled and not sorted correctly in the display list, even after I adjusted the creation and modification dates, defined the WM_Track and WM_TrackNumber meta tags, and modified the episode titles to include the season and episode number (e.g., S01E13). One forum poster pointed out that the new firmware for the Zune sorts episodes first by the meta data defined Year, Track Number, and then Title (alphabetically). I tried adjusting all of these, but it still didn’t work on my Zune.

Finally, I determined that all of the above is required, but you also need to sync each of your video files in sequence of the episode number. So this is what I needed to do:

  1. Copy all video files (of this series of episodes) for my TV Show out of my Zune Video sync folder to a temp folder.
  2. For all the files in the temp folder, set the proper year and track number as specified in the Video Tagging Page.
  3. Connect my Zune device to my Desktop PC, and start the Zune Software to make a connection.
  4. One-by-one, sync each of TV Show video files in episode sequence (i.e., first copy the video file for episode 1 to the Video Sync folder, after that syncs copy the episode 2 video file, then the 3rd, etc.)

So, in Step (4) I needed to copy each file individually to the Video Sync Folder and wait for the previous file to completely sync. I think this will cause the file creation date on the Zune device to be in the order of the episodes, and thus the episodes are displayed in the list properly.

It’s a big pain in the butt, but it seems to work in my case (as I had 24 episodes to sync). If anyone has a better procedure, please let me know!


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