Did you miss your favorite TV Show for the week?

There’s just a handful of TV shows that I actively try to watch every week. Sometimes while on business travel or due to forgetfulness, I miss one or more of my favorite shows. Luckily for me, most of my favorite shows are re-broadcast on the network’s web site one or two days after their airing. Shows like Sarah Connor: The Terminator Chronicles, Lost, Jericho, and Life have the full length episodes available on the web. The quality is actually pretty good, and there are just a few short commercials in between the different acts. So don’t fret if you accidentally missed of your shows, as you can almost always watch it on the web.

Hopefully, I’ll get my TV Tuner card soon (which is due to arrive tomorrow) and can record my favorite shows so I’ll never miss them!


One thought on “Did you miss your favorite TV Show for the week?

  1. Yolanda says:

    I called and got the coupons for the converter boxes, and when I finally got around to using them, the coupons had expired. I was hot!!! So……….. I broke down, and called Direct T.V. I see shows like the First 48, Dr. Tony Evans, Lie to me, Dog the Bounty Hunter……ect. I like those shows when I can catch them!!!!!

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