Automatic Video Conversion using DVRMSToolbox

In a previous posting, I noted that I was using a freeware application called DVRMSToolbox (DTb) to process my recorded TV Show files. What’s nice, is that I have it all set up to convert all new video recordings automatically. Thus, I no longer have to manually convert video files using Windows Media Encoder. Using this utility, I have automated this process:

  1. Find and edit out all commercials in a new TV Show recording
  2. Convert the recording to WMV format for my Zune
  3. Merge all MetaData from the original recording file to the new WMV file
  4. Move the WMV file to my Zune Sync folder
  5. Save the edited TV Show file to a backup folder on my 2nd hard drive
  6. Clean up all temp files, etc.

Note, that this all happens automatically, without my intervention. The DTb application has a “Watcher” service that monitors a specified folder on my system for new files, and processes them as per my defined actions. So every morning I can simply sync my Zune to my PC and have all the TV Shows that were processes last night synced to my Zune for viewing later! It can’t get any easier than that.

If you want more details on how I’ve set up DTb and my system to do this, you can check out my new Blog page. Also, I’m using DTb to process DVR-MS formatted files (which are created by the Windows Vista Media Center software that I’m using), but you could get creative and configure DTb to also process DIVX, MPEG2, etc. files automatically for the Zune.


2 thoughts on “Automatic Video Conversion using DVRMSToolbox

  1. Radan says:


    I want to convert Divx files to Zune WMV files.

    What DTb profile can I use ?


  2. zunetips says:

    radan: DTb was designed to convert DVR-MS formatted files to MPG2 or WMV format. They don’t have any provisions (that I can tell) to convert Divx files to WMV format. Note, that Divx is essentially an AVI format, so you could use Windows Media Encoder 9 (with the batch processor) to convert your Divx files to WMV format. Just follow the procedure outlined under the “Video Conversion” page on this blog.

    Having said that, it would be possible to use a combination of DTb and WME9 to convert Divx files (I use this method to crop out the top edge of my recorded videos for the DVR-MS files), but that might be overkill for what you need to do.

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