DVR-MS Utilties for Video Processing

I know, this web blog is starting to sound more like a DVR-MS Video blog rather than a Zune blog, but just bear with me. I’m currently engrossed in the world of Windows Media Center, TV Show recordings, and video processing.

As you know from my previous postings, Windows Media Center (or Vista Media Center) generates DVR-MS formatted files for recorded TV Shows. The utility called DVRMSToolbox can edit and process these files automatically, but there are other freeware utilities that may be useful for manual processing.

The blog page called “Fun with DVR-MS” by Stephen Toub contains detailed information on how to create code to manipulate DVR-MS files using available SDK modules. His page is pretty techie and is probably more suited for a developer, but he does have a few example utilities available for download that you might find useful.

One utility is a simple Media Player that he put together to play DVR-MS videos. Of course, you can always use Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player to view DVR-MS files, but his utility seems to be a lightweight and effective player alternative.

Also included is a DVR-MS Editor, which allows you to define sections of video in a DVR-MS file to be written out to a new DVR-MS file. This is a nice utility for editing out commercials manually, however, it has very basic controls for editing so it’s usefulness is probably limited. In any case, it offers a quick and easy way of editing DVR-MS files manually.

A link to downloading his sample applications is near the bottom of his web article.


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