Off Topic: A Blast From the Past…

When the web site was still up and active a few months ago, I came across the 1995 SciFi TV show called Space: Above and Beyond which I vaguely remembered being about fighting Marines in the year 2063. It was a Fox TV Show produced by the same producers as The X-Files. I downloaded all 24 episodes and after watching one or two of them every evening, I concluded that it was an amazing show. The story follows the “Wild Cards”, a Marine squad that is battling unknown aliens which attacked two civilian exploratory colonies on distant planets. The episodes, acting, and special effects were absolutely wonderful for 1995, and are still good 13 years later. It’s unfortunate that it only lasted one season, but I’m sure producing such shows are very costly. Out of curiosity, I did a web search for the shown and found several fan web sites. One site had several diary postings from an actor that portrayed a “Chig” (the nickname given to the enemy aliens) which were very interesting. He writes about what it was like to film certain episodes and how the main actors treated the “lowly” indirect actors hidden away in the alien space suits. It’s interesting to read how conceded some of these actors are, but then again not too unbelievable considering what you read in the celebrity magazines.

If you can find episodes of Space: AAB I do suggest you download or get the DVD and watch them. If you’re a SciFi fan like me, you’ll be wishing there was a season two!


2 thoughts on “Off Topic: A Blast From the Past…

  1. Robert says:

    It is good to see that you like Space A&B. It was another one of the good shows pulled off of FOX.

  2. zunetips says:

    After rewatching them for the first time since they originally aired, I think it’s a great show. The last episode was a cliffhanger, so it’s too bad they didn’t have some novels written to continue the stories and series. I read that there may have been some copyright issues, or that it was too close to the movie Starship Stormtroopers (that came out shortly after Fox cancelled the show) to have a SAAB movie. Very unfortunate, considering some of the junk they have on TV these days.

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