Still Lovin’ my Digital Media Center

I’ve got to rave again about my digital media center. Last night I laid in bed watching the pilot episode of New Amsterdam, and it was great watching a video that had excellent picture quality and resolution, great audio, and no commercials. Let me say that again, no commercials! As I was bracing myself for each commercial break, the video just transitioned into the next act of the show. No need to fast forward through a commercial, back up because I went to far, etc. And, using the DVRMSToolbox utility allows for completely automatic video processing. All I do is sync my Zune and I have my recorded TV show available for viewing.

Now, the software to identify commercials in a TV recording isn’t always perfect. I’m using a shareware product called Show Analyzer which does a very good job (worked perfectly for New Amsterdam), but sometimes it will miss a commercial for various reasons. Of course, I can always fine tune the Show Analyzer program using it’s SchoolHouse application, but I can live with a few commercials for those programs that I only want to watch once.

I’m sure glad I got a Zune 80 GB device, since I’m quickly filling it up with episodes of Lost, Jericho, Stargate Atlantis, and many more TV Shows to come!


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