iPod vs Zune Video Playback Comparison

I’ve never owned or used an iPod before, so I don’t know how good they are at playing videos. I chose the Zune 80 because of it’s screen size and other features that were absent from the iPod (and I don’t regret it). On the www.gotzune.com web site, they have a online video that shows a comparsion between the iPod and Zune for video playback. You can see from their video that the iPod has a washed out display while the Zune’s is very bright and vibrant. Aside from the larger screen size, this clearly shows the Zune as being a better device for watching videos. Of course, Apple has the iTouch or iPhone devices that have larger screens and can playback videos better than their iPods, but they also cost significantly more than the Zunes.


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