Why are my Favorite Shows Being Canceled?

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but there are a few good shows that I watch regularly. Jericho is one of my favorites, along with New Amsterdam and Lost. Jericho was canceled after one season, but was brought back due to a huge campaign by it’s fans. However, it seems that Jericho still has low ratings with weekly viewership, and appears to be on the path for cancellation again. Why is that? Who are the people or families that are determining the TV show ratings? Who are these “Nielsen Families” that are determining what programming stays on TV and what shows are canceled? I’ve never been asked what shows I watch on a weekly basis, so who are these people that are governing viewership of shows?

It seems that these Nielsen Families favor reality shows over other kinds of programming. Why are shows like Big Brother: Till Death Do Us Part, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, and Paradise Hotel so popular? Are the majority of people watching TV these days only interested in mindless reality shows?

It seems that Jericho will be going the way of Journeyman, and I’ve been reading that New Amsterdam might also follow. Fortunately, Lost is still popular enough (or maybe it has a good time slot) for it to continue on for another year. So I guess I’ll have to accept the fact that most shows that I deem as being “good” will only last one season. I guess that’s truly reality.


4 thoughts on “Why are my Favorite Shows Being Canceled?

  1. ladycunegonde says:

    I totally agree with you. I am a Jericho and Lost fan in a bog way. I just started watching New Amsterdam but am hesitant to like it for fear the networks will cancel it. So I will have invested time on a show to see how the story unfolds and then be left hanging mid-unfold.
    I hate to say it about the Nielsen Families (cause my father is one of those Dancing with the Stars viewers) but I believe they are mindless drones. They don’t want intelligent TV. They want empty shows that pretend to show reality. Really those shows are just another example of our society’s obsession of watching other peoples lives self destruct so we can feel better about our own lives ie Our obsession with Britney, Lindsey Lohen…ect.
    I get that people work hard and may turn to TV for mindless distraction from their lives but why can’t we also have an option for people who like to watch a show and think?? Are the two things mutually exclusive? You can’t have both?
    Also I think the networks have to realize that they aren’t going to get the HUGE audiences they use to because peoples view habits are different. We have many choices between Network TV, Cable TV, the Internet, Tivo, DVR and DVDs. So totally viewership for a show like Jericho maybe skewed between Network, the Internet, Tivo and DVR. I definitely think that the way Networks and other TV executives rate shows need to change to reflect the viewing habits of the CURRENT times. We aren’t in Kansas or the 1970s anymore peeps. Get with the program!

    OK I’ll get off my soapbox now 😉

  2. zunetips says:

    I agree with you 100%. The networks want people to watch their shows as a vehicle to deliver commercials, which brings them money. If they determine that people want to watch popcorn popping, then that’s what we’ll have for all our TV shows.

  3. BlaqueSaber says:

    I’ve never met a “ratings family”. I wonder when services such as HULU and JOOST will begin “airing” new product that was made to “air” on it? You can catch JERICHO on JOOST and NEW AMSTERDAM on HULU now but I don’t know if any of the new episodes for JERICHO will make it over there or when.

  4. zunetips says:

    BlaqueSaber: Can you download video files from Joost or Hulu for playback on your Zune? Or, are you limited to just watching the streaming video on a PC?

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