Web Blog Stats

The software that drives this web blog is called WordPress, and it a fantastic web server application. Not only is WordPress free, but WordPress.com will host your web blog free of charge. It has some minor limitations, but essentially you can have a nice web blog up and running at no cost to you. In addition, there’s hundreds of themes available to give your web blog a custom look and feel. If you want even more control (to customize your theme look or add in a user Forum system), you can always use the WordPress software on your own domain server system.

Just in case you’re curious, below is the web visitor stats for the last several weeks. You can see here, that over a period of 3 weeks there was 4,300 hits per week (which is quite amazing). However, the visits seem to drop off and peak again over the next several weeks. Why is that, you might ask?


It seems that the web blog hits increase whenever I make postings on the various Zune forums that I monitor. Sometimes, I’ll answer several questions regarding video conversions, etc. and it seems that viewers will click on my web blog link in the signature tag. Also, I have an RSS feed for this web blog that lists the headers for the most recent postings, so I get a higher hit count whenever I make postings. So, the key to having a good, successful web blog is frequent attention (by making regular postings) and letting others know you exist by different means (e.g., posting on forums, etc.).

If you’re interested in creating and maintaining a nice web blog, you should check out http://www.wordpress.com for more details.


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