CBS Cancels “Jericho” (again)

I read today that CBS has canceled the TV Show Jericho once again. If you’re not aware of it, Jericho was canceled after it’s first season and after a big letter writing campaign (and tons of peanuts being shipped to the CBS studio executives) by fans, CBS brought the program back on the air for an abbreviated 2nd season. Apparently, the viewership was not enough the 2nd time around to save the show. So, another one of my favorite shows has bit the dust.

Fans are hopeful that Jericho could be moved to the cable channel, SciFi, which I hope is a viable option. However, I think that as more time passes after the show’s cancellation the greater likelihood it will not continue on (because the actors will have moved on with their careers, etc). As I’ve stated in a previous posting, I think the show, New Amsterdam will also follow the path of Jericho and Journeyman. Since all of my favorite shows seem to get canceled, you can expect Life, Lost, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles to go next. All to be replaced by mindless shows that entail dancing D-list stars, voyeurist big brother houses, and bug-eating contestants stabbing each other in the back on a remote island. Yipee, I can hardly wait…


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