How to Convert MP4 files to WMV Format?

I see this question a lot in forum postings, as people often want to convert MP4 files to WMV format so they can add meta data information. Today, I happened to be in this same situation so I began looking for a freeware method to do this conversion. My main workhorse converter program (Windows Media Encoder 9) can’t handle MP4 files, so I couldn’t use it to do the direct conversion.

After looking around a while, I came across a freeware program called MP4Cam2AVI which seemed to be what I needed. What’s nice about this program, is that it can convert MP4, AVI, MOV, and 3GP file, however, it can only convert to AVI format. So to get an WMV file, I have to convert the AVI file created by the MP4Cam2AVI program to WMV format using Windows Media Encoder 9. Not a big deal, but I normally don’t like to use too many converters on a single video file as the chances increase in adding distortion, etc. to the final product.

One nice feature of the MP4Cam2AVI application is the ability to view the video during the conversion, as well as provide some detail on video and audio codec settings.

So for now, I’ll use MP4Cam2AVI on the occasions when I have to deal with MP4 files. If you have a better freeware alternative, please let us know!


2 thoughts on “How to Convert MP4 files to WMV Format?

  1. Tim says:

    I tried this out, but my AVI files had the audio out of sync with video on some of the videos. I probably was just trying to do too much at once. It is also annoying to have to take two encoding steps, especially since all my mp4 files are ripped from DVD, so that’s an extra step. I should just go back and rip the DVDs, but I’m lazy. Oh well, at least the program mostly works.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Great info, thanks.

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