Jericho’s Run Ends

The season finale for the TV show Jericho aired last night, and it was also the last episode for the series since the show was canceled by CBS. I actually liked the finale, as it gave some closure in certain areas, left a few openings for pondering, and didn’t give you a dissatisfying cliffhanger ending. I now have to think of Jericho as a two season mini-series, since we won’t be seeing any more episodes. It’s too bad, since it was a great show and I certainly would like to know how the US civil war pans out and how the people of Jericho survives.

Now, some fans are talking about doing more letter writing and sending nuts to the CBS executives (as they did when Jericho was canceled after the 1st season), but I don’t think any amount of campaigning will bring back Jericho for a third season. The networks are interested in viewership, and Jericho‘s ratings were not much higher the 2nd time around. The only hope, is that Jericho might find a home on the cable network SciFi channel, so we’ll have to see if that happens.

So what show does CBS plan to fill in Jericho‘s time slot? Looks like a new episode of CSI: Miami … oh boy.


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