Life Without My Zune

As you may have read from my previous posting, my Zune 80 is currently out of commission. The LCD display simply won’t turn on, so my Zune is waiting for it’s FedEx box so I can ship it to Texas for warranty repair. I don’t expect to have my Zune back for about a month, and hopefully the Zune I’ll be getting will work ok and not have any problems.

So in the meantime, I’m back to using my old Dell Axim x50v Pocket PC as my multimedia player. Going from a device with 80 GB of storage to 1 GB (SD Card) is going to be tough, but I’ll have to manage. I typically use my Zune in the evenings to watch recorded TV shows just before I go to sleep, so I’ll be using my Dell Axim for that function. With the limited storage, that means I’ll be copying and removing files every other night or so.

Of course, all of this happens just before my out-of-town business trip, where I was planning to use my Zune for entertainment on my flight.


One thought on “Life Without My Zune

  1. Brian says:

    Sorry to hear about your Zune. I can’t imagine going without it for days, let alone weeks.

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