Still Zune-less… But Surviving

As you may have read, my Zune 80 stopped working early last week (the video display doesn’t work), so I’ve had to live without the use of my precious Zune. I normally use my Zune for watching a recorded TV Show while I’m in bed before I head off to sleep, so I’ve been using my old Dell Axim X50V (Pocket PC) as a substitute. Since my Axim has a 640×480 high resolution screen the videos look nice, but the lithium battery on the Axim is a few years old and doesn’t hold much of a charge. I can probably watch one 45-minute show before the battery is completely drained. What’s nice is that my Axim has a replaceable battery, so I can pop in my 2nd charged battery if I want to watch two shows in one evening. Still, it was more convenient using my Zune since I could watch about three 45-minute shows before the low battery light came on.

Even without my Zune, I’m still recording my favorite TV shows with my TV Tuner card and having the DVRMSToolbox utility automatically process them and save the converted WMV files into my Zune video sync folder. These new recordings will be waiting for syncing with a future Zune.

Hopefully, this coming week I’ll get the FedEx box that I’ve been waiting for to send my Zune back for warranty repair. Then after that, I’ll cross my fingers and hope my Zune will be repaired or replaced relatively quickly. You never know, if this repair process turns out to be a nightmare, the “Zune Tips Weblog” may turn into a “Pocket PC Video Tips Weblog”!


2 thoughts on “Still Zune-less… But Surviving

  1. FZD says:

    Haha… I love this line “Zune Tips Weblog” may turn into a “Pocket PC Video Tips Weblog”.

    I don’t blame you but I guess I have been lucky, since I still have my original Zune and my 2nd gen 80. I’m yet to have any problems (great now Ive jinxed myself) with it.

    I hope your new Zune gives you many months/years of usage.


  2. zunetips says:

    FZD: If you’ve read some of the forum postings by others who have sent their Zunes in for warranty repair, you’d be a bit concerned over getting your Zune fixed. I’m afraid that the FedEx box I’m waiting for is not going to arrive and I’ll have to start the whole repair process over again (delaying my Zune repair by a week or more). It seems that the repair facility in Texas just isn’t reliable and Microsoft doesn’t seem to care.

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