FedEx Box Finally Arrives

Well, the FedEx box for my Zune’s journey to the repair center has arrived. It’s a small white box with foam padding on the inside, with a cutout that fits my Zune 80 perfectly (this box is often referred to as a “Zune Coffin” by some). It comes complete with a return shipping label (to be shipped to “REPAIR CENTER-Z” in Mcallen, Texas) so all I need to do is put in my broken Zune, slap on the sticker and head to the nearest FedEx office for shipping it out.

One thing that the instructions did state, was that I needed to also send a copy of the bill-of-sale for my Zune if it was a warranty repair (which it is). Since this was a Christmas gift from my wife, I needed to scramble to find one that I could print out. If you made your purchase from, you can go to the “Order Status” link on the web site and print out a receipt for any online order (whew!). So, my hurt Zune is off to the repair center, hopefully to return within the next week or so.

In case you’re curious, below is the Zune Return Instructions that I received in the FedEx box:


Update (3 Apr 08): My Zune arrived overnight to the FedEx sorting facility in TX and should be at the repair center by 3 pm today. Then the clocks starts to how fast they can send me a replacement unit. I’ll keep everyone posted so you have a future reference in case you need to send in your device for repair.

Update (4 Apr 08): The web site shows “Device Received at Service Center” as the status for my Zune repair. Note, that I never received any emails from the repair facility concerning my Zune device repair (even though they told me over the phone that I would receive a series of emails confirming the repair order).


3 thoughts on “FedEx Box Finally Arrives

  1. Brian says:

    “INCLUDE A COPY HOF THE BILL OF SALE”? “HOF”? Were the instructions printed in China and never proofread? I bet it takes so long to get your Zune back because all the Zunes get shipped in bulk from Texas to China for repair and then shipped back to Texas and mailed back to you.

  2. zunetips says:

    I think “HOF” was just a typo, and not a language translation issue. The repair facility is in Mcallen, Texas which is suspiciously close to the Mexico border (about 5 miles away). That certainly is an indication of where these devices could be built and repaired. I suspect that the repair facility works as such:

    1) Any device that comes in with the smallest damage or scratch is automatically shipped back to the customer un-repaired.
    2) If the device is visually pristine, the repair facility will send a refurbished unit to the customer. They will then repair this damaged unit and have it available as a refurb unit for the next warrany claim.
    3) If the repair facility doesn’t have the necessary model to send out a refurb unit, they send out a new one.

    I’m just guessing this is how it works, but my guess is based on several different user postings that I’ve read. In any case, my Zune should be at their facility by 3 pm today, and I’m hoping to get a replacement unit by next week (best case scenario).

  3. daryell earl says:

    does anyone have the new number to the zune help line because the one that they once gave out is no longer in service and my zune has not been sent off of even recieved a box . i talked to a represenative that really knew nothing ; so any light that you cna shine on the situtation would be nice
    thanks – daryell

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