How to Repair Your Zune After the Warranty Expires…

Although my Zune 80 is only 3 months old and currently at the Zune Repair Center, I began to wonder what options do I have once the 1-year warranty expires? So I casually started to look around to see what was available.

The first option, would be to do my own repairs, provided I could find the necessary parts. After a bit of searching, I came across the web site called which sold some parts for the Zune at a reasonable cost. For example, the hold switch on a Zune 30 was being sold for $2.99 US, and a Zune battery was priced at $9.99 US. In addition, some of the parts have optional installation charges so it appears that will also install purchased parts. So for an additional $5.99 US ZuneParts will install a Zune battery in your device.

One particular part that would probably break a lot is the LCD screen, which ZuneParts sells for $55.99 US and charges $10.00 US for installation. Now, most of the parts listed at the web site appear to be for the Zune 30, but the LCD screen might also work in a Zune 80. ZuneParts also sells cables, cases, hard drives, and other internal parts that may be of interest.

Another site that I frequently read about in Zune forum postings, is which offers several Zune internal parts and installation. They offer hard drives, batteries, and other internal components for the Zune 30 (they don’t appear to sell parts for the 2nd generation Zunes). I would definitely contact this company if my Zune was damaged after the product warranty expires. What’s interesting, is their forum where people post questions regarding Zune repairs. For example, it seems that the Zune 30 and Zune 80 use different batteries, so you can’t buy a Zune 30 battery and install it in a Zune 80.

Also, has a web page that shows how to disassemble a Zune 30 or Zune 80, which might come in handy if you need to take apart your Zune and you don’t want to damage it. They also offer a free diagnostic inspection (if you send them your Zune) to determine what is causing the problem.

So, these are a couple of different options for Zune repair that you might explore. Both offer parts for the Zune 30, and seems to fix Zune 80s if you call or email them first.

Note, that I’ve never purchased a part or had repair work done by either of these companies, so I can’t confirm their quality or responsiveness. I suggest you search for “rapid repair” or “zuneparts” on some of the Zune forums (e.g., or to get more information on other user’s experiences.


88 thoughts on “How to Repair Your Zune After the Warranty Expires…

  1. I can tell you that no parts in the zune 30 are interchangable with the zune 80 including the hard drives. We do repair both and the zune 80 is not as well made as the zune 30.
    I do have part in stock for the zune 80. It is a very difficult player to open and most people will damage the first one they open.

  2. Isolene Griffith says:

    Hello , I have a zune 80, I believe I need a battery because it goes dead very fast, I charged it for hours now the screen is blank, it is 7 months old, it also have a crack screen, dont know how I get it , it is always in a leather case. I NEED TO REPAIR THE SCREEN AND PUT A BATTERY BUT I DONT KNOW HOW MUCH IT WILL COST ME, DO YOU KNOW?

  3. zunetips says:

    Isolene – I have no idea what the cost would be for such a repair. I suggest you check out to see what they would charge to fix your Zune. In my opinion, if the repair cost is over 50% the price of a new Zune, I would opt to buy a new one than repair my old one.

  4. Brian says:

    The battery is the smaller problem, it is easily replaced and not very costly. If you need a Zune Repair Guide, those are easily found online, however the cracked screen can get costly, try to ordere it on ebay from somebody that ships directly from Asia, that should get you into the $40 range for the part.

  5. Dave says:

    Yeah, my zune 80 still plays music but the screen is black, the screen light works but no picture. I’m not really sure what the problem is and was woundering if somone could help me diagnose this problem?

  6. zunetips says:

    Dave – Here’s what I would try: Drain the battery down completely, then recharge it. Next, do a hard-reboot to see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise, if your Zune is still under the 1-year warranty I would send it in for repair. If it’s out-of-warranty, then I would buy the necessary tools from to open up the Zune and see if I could fix it by reattaching loose wires, etc.

  7. Diane says:

    I have the following message on my 80 gig Zune device:
    5 Contact support

    I bought this one year ago as a christmas present to myself, so its not within its warranty.

    Can I troubleshoot this problem myself or do I need to send it out for repair? If I do need to send for a repair where should I send it??

  8. zunetips says:

    Diane – I’ve never experienced or heard of that specific error message before, but I did a quick search on and found several postings from others with a Zune 80 that had the same problem. Most of them were still under warranty, so they sent their Zunes in for a replacement. It’s speculated that a bad hard drive is causing this problem. What you can try first, is a hard reset of your device. (Hold Back Button + Up Button at the same time). I would then probably contact and see what they would charge to fix this problem (they probably have seen this issue before). Then again, if you’re daring and handy with hardware, you could try to open up your Zune and see if you can repair it yourself (replacing the hard drive?). Instructions and tools are available on‘s web site as well as other sites.

    Update: I just found this solution on the Microsoft web site:
    Not sure if it will work, though… but, worth a try!

  9. Diane says:

    I tried the hold back button and up button but nothing changed. I am not handy with repairs so I’ll get in touch with rapid repair and see what the cost would be. Thanks for the info.

  10. zunetips says:

    Diane – My suggestion is that if the repair cost is more than half the cost of a new equivalent Zune, I would just buy a new one instead of repairing it. The issue you’re having is probably caused by a malfunctioning hard drive, and that is the trouble with using hard drive-based devices (like the Zune 80/120) verses the flash-based (Zune 4/8/16). Good luck with

  11. nik says:

    ZuneClan have a good knowledgebase on all topics about the zune. The also have a shop for parts to repair and a diagnostic section.

  12. karim breeveld says:

    can anyone tell me if replacing the hard drive on a 80gb zune resolves the messagenumer 5 error??????? cause i can not ask rapidrepair for a diagnosis since i do not live in a country with zipcodes and credit card.

  13. zunetips says:

    karim: I suggest you use Google and search for “zune message number 5 error” and read the posts that come up.

  14. martin says:

    can anyone help i have a 14month old zune 80gb which will not switch on i’ve tried using different power sources to charge battery , but the screen stays black occasionally the charging icon shows , i’ve tried to reboot it but still nothing. is there anybody in the uk that repairs them ?or does anyone reccommend a repairer in the Queens area of NY as i have friends going there next week

  15. zunetips says:

    martin: is the only place I know of that will repair Zunes, and you typically send your Zune into them for repair. You might email them and see what they say.

  16. Jessi says:

    I have an 8gb zune, and I dropped it in water. My warranty is up, but it wouldnt matter anyway since they void the warranty once you drop your zune in liquid. At any rate, my zune no longer charges. I called the support center and had no help there. What should I do? I want to get my zune repaired quickly.

  17. zunetips says:

    I suggest you contact to get an estimate on repairing your Zune. If you think the problem is with the battery and you are good with your hands, you might consider doing the repair yourself. You can get instructions on how to open up your Zune from, and they will sell you a battery (I believe going for $20). That might be a cheap solution, and if you can’t get it working you can always send it to to fix it. If the cost of the repair is over 1/2 the cost of a new one, I would recommend just buying a new Zune instead of repairing it.

  18. howard says:

    i have a zune 120gb and the screen says “5 customer support” and i reset it over 50 times. when ever i put it against my ear i hear this sort of tapping sound like the hardrive is broken. would it cost more to replace the hardrive or buy a new one?

  19. zunetips says:

    howard: If you go to, you’ll see that a 120 GB Hard-drive for the Zune costs $130 US. If you go to you’ll see that a new Zune 120 is priced $230 US, so the difference is $150. If you factor in the labor cost for making the hard drive swap replacement, the total cost could be more than half the cost of a new drive. So, it might be better to purchase a new Zune 120. Of course, if your Zune is still under the 1-year warranty, it would make more sense to send it to the Microsoft Repair Center and have it fixed for free.

  20. Dexter Walker says:

    I dropped my zune and now it is locked and I’m unable to unlock it what do i do to unlock it or who can i send it to for repair without loosing my music

  21. zunetips says:

    Dexter: If you’ve synced your Zune to your PC then you should have your MP3 music files stored on your PC, right? If that is the case, then you can send your Zune to and they should be able to fix it. Then, you can resync your Zune to your PC and restore your music files.

  22. caitie says:

    the other day i had my zune (30gb) in its docking station/speaker (its by altec lansing – im414) and it was charging fine. then i needed to add music to it so i synced it to my computer, when all of a sudden it froze and the screen went black. so, last night i let the battery completely drain and then today tried to charge it again via the usb to my pc. my computer doesn’t realize my zune and it won’t charge…to make sure it wasn’t my pc, i switched it to another one and it still isn’t working. i also tried to charge it with my speaker and it won’t recognize it either.

    my zune is kinda warm and sometimes if i put it up to my ear it will make a weird sound – is that the hard-drive?

    i tried the rest of the tips that i could from the microsoft support… i even tried to restore it and that wouldn’t even work.

    i had a similar problem with my first zune and bc it was still under warrenty at the time (my warrenty exp. in december) they sent me a new one.

    i don’t know if i should pay to have them repair it, or if it will just be cheaper to get a new one…

  23. zunetips says:

    caitie: If your Zune is warm, I would suspect a bad battery, especially if you’re having trouble charging it. Personally, I would buy and replace the battery myself. At you can buy a Zune 30 battery for $20 and the web site also has guides that show how to disassemble the Zune to make the repair. I’m pretty handy with repairing electronics, so doing the work myself isn’t a problem for me.

    If you don’t want to DIY, you can have fix it for you. Since their 30 GB replacement hard drives are priced around $90, I would imagine the total cost with labor would be about $130 before shipping costs (just guessing). So, $130 would probably be the high end price for a possible repair. A new Zune 120 GB on goes for around $230, so you’ll need to weigh the price difference.

    My general rule of thumb, is if the repair cost is more than 1/2 the price of a new device, I will opt for buying a new one rather than doing the repair. That is especially true for me if my broken device is a few years old and a bit out-dated. Good luck, and let us know what you decide on! 🙂

  24. bowzer says:

    I have a 30 gig zune that is past warranty and when it turne on it says open the zune software and restore the device firmware, in orde to do this i need to update the zune but the zune webpage says i have to much items downloaded and need to delete some. since when i have thiszune hooked up to this compter it wont let me go anywhere without deleting the thing. I tried to delete through the zune numerous times and it says it deleted everything but it didnt i know this because it brought me to the begining of the cycle again and it still said i had to many items when i erased the memory more than 15 times. I need to know what needs to e replaced or fixed

  25. Huibert says:


    I have been camping this weekend and since then my zune doesn’t work anymore. It hasn’t become wet, but it has been in my tent for over a day, and it was sunny and warm this day.
    I suspect the battery is the problem (overheating by sun), but i am not sure if it is the battery or the hard drive.
    I am over my year of warranty(expired 15-01-2009) and not living in the US but in the Netherlands, so i can’t easily contact zune-repair service or send it to the fix center.
    I think i am handy enough to fix it myself, but i am not sure what to replace, battery or hdd?
    Is there someone that can help me with this?

  26. zunetips says:

    Huibert: First, I would absolutely make sure the Zune is truly broken. Try to fully recharge it using a different USB port on your PC or with a wall charger. Then try doing a hard-reset to see if it comes back to life. If not, then I’d try opening it up following the guides available on and check for any loose wires (say, with the battery connection).

    Next, I’d order a new battery from (which usually costs around $25 US) and try replacing the old battery. Finally, I’d get a new hard drive and replace the old one. Before I replace the hard drive, I’d really consider getting a new one if that makes more sense than paying for a new hard drive and hoping that will fix the problem. It might be that your logic board is bad or something. Good luck!

  27. mike says:


    i have a zune 30 and ive had mine for a little over a year. when i listen to my zune, i can only hear out of one earpiece. ive tried to change headphones but it still doesnt work. does anybody have an idea of how much it would cost to get it fixed? Thanks!

  28. Omar says:

    I have a Zune 80 and recently I lost the right channel of sound. It comes back if I press the right-bottom side of my Zune together hard, next to the play button. It then reverts back to normal stereo sound, but after a while, it goes back to only the left channel, and I have to squeeze them together again. What can I do about that?

  29. Suzzanne says:

    my 120g zune went through the washing machine — any hope or repair? or should I just plan to buy a new one?

  30. zunetips says:

    Suzzanne: Personally, I would consider it a lost cause if it doesn’t work. Time for a new one.

    Omar: I’m guessing your Zune is out-of-warranty, so you have two possible options: (1) Open up your Zune and try to fix it yourself, (2) Contact and see how much they charge to fix it. To me it sounds like a loose wire is causing the problem.

  31. Huibert says:

    Zunetips, thanks for the tip,
    i had allready tried using my wallcharger and different usb-ports, i am sure the battery was at least 90% full when i last used it so there should have been some power left, but now i will try to open it and see about the wires and battery.
    but about the bad logic board.. how do i know if that isn’t the problem??
    can i maybe check out if my battery still works by disconnecting cables and use some powercheck-machine thingy?
    and can i check my hdd by connecting it to something else?
    and if it is indeed the logic board, what would you recommend me then?

    thanks, Huibert

  32. zunetips says:

    Huibert – I’m afraid I don’t have any answers for you, since I’ve never opened up my Zune 80. I suggest you do a google search and see if someone else has taken apart their Zune in an attempt to fix it. has some good instructions on opening up the Zune, so you might check there first.

  33. Tyson says:

    I am over my warrenty and my zune works fine except when i use it i can only get it to play in the left earpice. i hae tryed getting new headphones and still nothing

  34. zunetips says:

    Tyson: There may be some pocket fuzz in the headphone jack. I’d try blowing it out or stick your headphone plug into it several times to see if that clears it up. Otherwise, it might be a loose wire on the plug jack and you’ll either need to open the device and try to fix it yourself, or get to fix it.

  35. Jun says:

    Hi, I just wanna know what’s the real problem of my Zune 80gb, when it is not plug in into its charger going to AC source there is a notification of “contact support” but if it is plugged with the AC source this notification will not appear and it is normally operating. Hope you can help me here immediately? Thanks…

  36. zunetips says:

    Jun: I’ve never heard of that situation. You might do a google search and see if anyone else had the same problem. Did you try contacting Zune support?

  37. Jun says:

    No, I haven’t called zune yet. But I’ll try to search first my concern on google as you’ve suggested. Thanks…

  38. david says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  39. zee says:

    hello im just wondering if there is any way of getting hold of some of the internal clips that hold the battery ribbon in place since i managed to lose one ?

  40. zunetips says:

    zee: I don’t know. I suggest you check out the web site, as they offer parts for the Zune.

  41. Naveen says:

    hai, ive once connected my zune 30gb to my DVD USB for charging(240watts) after that whenever i connect my zune to my computer its not charging and not getting displayed in the zune software. im in India at present , so is there any way to repair it by myself?
    please help me…

  42. zunetips says:

    Naveen: Can you charge your Zune using the DVD usb charger, or any other wall charger?

  43. Naveen says:

    yeah i can charge it using a wall charger.

  44. Jake says:

    I don’t know if you’ve had this problem surface before or not. but I’ve gotten my zune wet before, gatorade spilled on it. but i left it alone for a while, just for the fact Im in Iraq and mailing stuff is such a hassle, anyway after a couple months it decides to work again just fine. until recently the highlighting bar would get stuck occasionally, then the music would skip like a scratched CD, finally it just stops playing, I’ve restarted it, the loading bar beneath the zune logo would appear and load, then turn to a black screen, I thought it was dead until I noticed in the dark that tha backlight was dimply lit. I’ve heard about the new software but it wont load past 99% I don’t know how to restore it, and try the software, if thats the issue or anything you can think about. let me know, thanks.

  45. zunetips says:

    Jake: Sorry, I’m not sure what the fix is. Do you have a Zune 30, 80, or 120 model? Those have physical hard drives which can be damaged. If you have the smaller Zunes (4/8/16/etc) they have Flashdrives which are usually safe.

    I would imagine that the Gatorade might be sticking to the main board and shorting it out. I’m not sure how to fix the problem, other then possibly sending it to

  46. Jake says:

    Thats the thing, after letting it dry on its own it worked fine ( after drying a couple months) and then it worked for about three-four more months before it started acting up.

  47. Naveen says:

    Hai, i have once connected my zune 30gb to my DVD USB for charging(240watts) after that whenever i connect my zune to my computer its not charging and not getting detected in the zune software.
    The only thing i can do now is, i can charge it using a wall charger which lasts as before and i can listen to songs and view videos as usual.

  48. Naveen says:

    please reply….

  49. zunetips says:

    Naveen: I suggest you try connecting your Zune to a different computer (with the Zune Software installed) and see if it can connect to your Zune.

  50. Naveeen says:

    zunetips: yeah i did connect it to many other computers including some laptops.. i even formatted my pc and re installed the software, but no use..

  51. Jessica says:

    Hi.. I have an 80G Zune which is past its warranty. In the last couple months, I’ve been having several problems with it: it sometimes will not turn on, whether it is fully charged or not; when it does turn on, I can’t always get it to actually play music.. sometimes it will, sometimes it doesn’t respond; the touch pad has lost a lot of sensitivity, so the right click no longer works at all, and every now and then if I press the left side of the pad, it will scroll through the entire menu really fast and I have no way of stopping it until it reaches the end of the music selection.

    Is this a battery issue, or something else? Do I need to just get a new Zune?

  52. zunetips says:

    Jessica: I’m not sure, as it could be anything. If you have your Zune connected to a charging cable and it still behaves strangely, then I can only assume it isn’t a power issue. Here’s what I would do if I were you:

    Do a complete reset of your Zune by holding down the back button + center pad button + right button (all at the same time). Hold them down until you see your Zune reboot, then let go. That should reset your Zune’s software. Then, resync with your PC and see if it works better for you. If that doesn’t work, you can try something more drastic, and that would be a back button + center pad button + left button which will wipe out all content AND any installed firmware updates. Then, resync and see what happens.

    If none of those things fix the problem, then you might have a bad hard drive or the main logic board may be on the blink. In that case, I would recommend you get a new Zune. You can probably get a Zune 120 relatively cheap (since they are now discontinued) or upgrade to the Zune HD (which I really love). Good luck.

  53. COGringo says:

    Hi, I have a Zune 80G that got wet. I let it dry out in a bag of rice. I have completely reset it. It works but here’s the kicker. I cannot see the screen except in very bright light. The screen works but there is not back light. Any ideas?

  54. zunetips says:

    CoGringo: I had the same problem with my Zune 80, but not because it got wet. Just one day the screen wouldn’t light up. I could faintly see the menus, etc. and it seemed to work, but the backlight just didn’t turn on. My only recourse was to ship it to the Zune repair center (since it was still under warranty) and have them repair it. So if yours is still under warranty you might consider shipping it back for repair. Otherwise, you can try to open up your Zune and see if anything is still wet inside and/or shorting out, or send it to a company like and see if they can fix it.

  55. Linda says:

    My son’s 4gb Zune Flash just quit working. It is unresponsive. We have tried charging via USB cables on 3 different computers. We also tried to charge via dock connected to a wall outlet. It’s just black. We tried to reset it by turning the unlock switch to unlock and pressing the back button and the top of the click wheel. Nothing. Could this be a bad battery? Has anyone else had this problem?

  56. vinay says:

    Hi I have tried everything to turn on my zune
    but its does not get charged or turn on.
    It is nto recognised by my PC.
    Is there any service centre in india

  57. jeffrey says:

    well i just changed the lcd sreen on my 30gb zune but know its stuck on hold and i cant do anything, no its not that i have it on hold but the zune doesnt respond to anything

  58. christin says:

    Hi, I dropped my Zune HD 16 gb in a glass of milk. I blow dried it and it started to work. It stopped. I don’t know what to do. Right now I have it in a Bag of dry rice. I hope it helps! Anybody have any tips on how to help me?

  59. zunetips says:

    I would have stuck the Zune in a bag of rice immediately after wiping off the excess moisture. I’d leave it in the rice for at least two days, then check for any visible moisture. Then, I’d charge it up and see if it works. Good luck.

  60. nat says:

    hi, i have my zune for absolutely ages now so it is well past its warranty and i live in england. thte problem is the headphone socket wont pick up properly it makes the vocals quite or wierd noises in the background and it also plays quietly. If i push or twist the headphones in the socket the problem is sloved but as soon as it moves the problem comes back again. i have tried buying new headphones but they made no difference what should i do?

  61. zunetips says:

    So you probably have a Zune 30. If you’re a Do-It-Yourself kinda person, you could try opening up you Zune and examine the headphone jack from the inside. I suspect the connections on this jack may have broken away, and that is why you’re getting intermittent sound when you wiggle the headphone plug in the jack. If this is the case, you could resolder the broken connections (again, if you’re handy with such repair operations).

    The only other options I can see, is either send it to to have them fix it for you, or purchase a new Zune HD. The rapid repair web site has instructions on how to open the Zune, so that should give you some ideas on how difficult it would be.

  62. nat says:

    i looked on rapid repair but how much will it cost to get it fixed? i do have a zune 30
    thanks again

  63. zunetips says:

    nat: I have no idea what they charge. I suggest you contact them to find out. I thought I read that you can send them your Zune and they will look it over and give you an estimate cost for repair. If you decide you don’t want them to fix it, they will send it back and you just pay for shipping costs. You’ll need to check out their web site to be sure.

  64. nat says:

    thanks alot this has solved alot of my problems 🙂

  65. I.G. Romov says:

    Just a warning note to those w/120GB Zunes: rapidrepair gets a lot of reference as they were once a site with useful info. If you’ve tried anything recently, you’ll find a lot of out-of-date, repetitious youtube videos that don’t help at all with the 120. In addition, the instructions in “excruciating detail” for the 120 are worthless as they have one do 5x the amount of work necessary to simply replace the hd. Good luck on finding anything real out there re repairing, battery-replacing, or other work on the 120gb Zune.

  66. tommy wong says:

    my zune got some water damage about a year ago. i have since bought an ipod but i loved my zune znd would like to revive it, any advice out there/ my bonehead friend tried to repair it but just ended up cracking the screen

  67. Brian Madsen says:

    i broke the tiny teeth that plug into the charger on the bottom of my 120gb zune player.I want to know how to fix it?I cant go much longer without my zune.Please help.

  68. zunetips says:

    You might try contacting to see what they would charge to fix your Zune. I’ve never used them before, but they are the only people that I know that advertises to repair Zunes.

  69. Otto says:

    Our 80Gb Zune is about 2 years old. Few days ago it started to act very strange (after installation of the new software and all files on it seemed to have gone (or have been in the ‘Reserved data for another computer’ (or something similar). After unsuccessfully trying to access it, I erased all the content and tried to reinstall the firmware. Each time it is about to do this computer shows a message that there is not enough space on the Zune (although I have formated it dozens of times). Have you encountered such a problem before and what can be done to fix it?

    Thank you.

  70. Kevin says:

    I have an out-of-warranty Zune 120 that all of a sudden stopped responding to all inputs. I tried all the proposed methods to restore short of hooking it back up to my computer (as I’m at work and the computer is at home). Regardless, I couldn’t get it to stop making ticking and scratching noises until the battery went dead just as I was taking it apart. Then it popped on and said the battery was low, but still would not respond to any button inputs. Seems odd as it had a full charge 2 hrs ago. Anyway, I leave it hooked up to my Soundgate Core in the car that keeps a constant charge on it. Is that bad? Could the battery have caused the harddrive to lockup like that? Thanks!

  71. zunetips says:

    My wife had the same issue with her Zune 120 earlier this year, where I could hear clicking when I turned it on (blank screen). I suspect the problem was with the hard drive. I tried everything I could think of (hard resets, etc.) but it still wouldn’t activate so I’m about 90% sure the problem is a bad hard drive. In her case, I opted to not try to replace the hard drive and instead got her an Apple iPod Touch (since she switched to an Apple Macbook Pro as her main computer).

    So you have a few options as I see it: (1) Get a new hard drive (say, from and try to replace it in your Zune 120, (2) Buy a new Zune HD model, (3) Switch to an Apple iPod. The big unknown is whether the problem truly is the hard drive or the logic board controlling the Zune. Most likely it is the hard drive (in my opinion) but you just can’t be sure. Personally, I would probably switch to a new Zune HD or go with the Apple product. The big difference is in storage space, as the new Zunes and iPods don’t have the 120 GB of space as your Zune 120.

  72. Jacky says:

    I have a 4 GB Zune with the back button not working. Any suggestions on how to open it up/how to fix the problem???

    I’m also considering just throwing it away and getting an iPod. Would this make more sense, opposed to rooting around in my Zune?

  73. zunetips says:

    Jacky: Personally, I would just toss the 4GB Zune and move on with something else. Unless you really like messing around with electronics, it might be just too much to try to fix it. My Apple iPod Touch is nice but the interface does seem a little dated to me when compared to the Zune. But, the iPods are very popular, there’s lots of accessories available, and they do work very well.

  74. MacK says:

    My zune hd went in the washer. i let it dry and it wont turn on, but will turn on and work perfectly fine when i plug it in, it wont charge though. my warranty is still good, but since it got wet it probably wont get fixed. should i send it in to

  75. zunetips says:

    That’s a tough call. I’m not aware of any “wetness indicator” inside the Zune HD, so the warranty shop may not know the damage was caused by water or not. I know that most cell phones have such an indicator, but I’m not sure about the Zune HD. So, you can either take the risk and send it to the Microsoft repair center to have it replaced under warranty, or send it to the (especially if you’re totally honest).

  76. Paul says:

    Hello all.

    My Zune 4gb (flash) is completely out of power. I saw the screen with the recharge warning displayed, a few days ago, so I know the unit is working. However, it’s no longer being recognized by my computer, when plugging into any USB port for charging. In fact, the computer doesn’t register that the Zune device was connected, as if no device was connected at all. No warning was displayed on the Zune or computer.

    I tried plugging it into a different computer, using the same cable, and received the following message:

    “A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port.”

    I (reluctantly) went to Best Buy and spoke to the otherwise moronic Geek Squad who couldn’t tell me a thing. I asked the guy to try a new cable and he complied by opening one from the store’s shelf. That didn’t work but he, too, received the “exceeded powee limit” surge warning on the computer.

    Any idea what typically causes this issue, as I’d like to attempt the repair myself, using parts from RapidRepair, considering it’s cost-effective. The Zune was originally priced at $150, despite being replaced by newer models since then.

    Thanks in advance.

  77. zunetips says:

    Did you try using a wall charger to charge your Zune? In some cases, the USB port on a PC isn’t pushing out enough volts/amps to charge a Zune and that may be the issue. I suggest you try using a wall charger unit designed for the Zune to see if you can charge it. Next, I’d try doing a full system hard-reboot of your Zune (see my page on how to do this).

  78. Brian says:

    Well basically my zune hd 32gb does not hold charge and does not turn on or show the low battery on the screen wht can i do?

  79. zunetips says:

    Did you try charging your Zune using a new sync cable and an AC wall charger? That’s the first thing I’d check, since in some cases a PC’s USB port can be fried or may not push out sufficient amps to charge the Zune. I’d also try doing a hard reset of the device if possible (you may need to have it connected to a wall charger to do this).

  80. mary says:

    I have a 120gb zune, turned it on and it is stuck on zune power up screen (with zune icon and white line under it) I have tried charging, resetting it is just frozen. Any ideas??

  81. zunetips says:

    I suggest you let your Zune drain all of it’s power completely. Then, try to recharge it using a good power source (i.e., a wall charger). If you’re using a USB port on your PC, it might not have enough juice to charge the Zune adequately (could be a bad port). Otherwise, if that doesn’t work then I would assume you may have a bad battery or a bad logic board that will need to be replaced. If you really want your Zune fixed you might contact and see what they charge to fix it.

  82. ee says:

    Hey i have just found out that my sibling has been using my zune, which i have not trouble with, except that he has been hooking it up to speakers and playing it in the bathroom while he showers. i got it back today and it was working fine, but then i took it to my room to charge the battery although it was only 1/4 diminished, and when i pluged it in to my laptop, it brought up the zune software, but said that no device was connected, startled, i unpluged it and plugged it in to the wall plug. didnt show anything on the screen, its completely black. then i questiong my sibling, found out about the bathroom gig, and so i suspected a little moisture, so i stuck it in rice. is there anything else it could be? how long do i leave it in the rice? what do i do if it doesnt work? my warranty is up, although if it is moisture it wouldt matter if i still had it. oh and its a 32GB Zune HD. please help

  83. zunetips says:

    From what I’ve read, you’ll need to keep the Zune in a bag of rice for 2 or 3 days to have all the moisture absorbed. I suggest you do a Google search to see how long others have reportedly kept their web electronics in rice to dry them out. If it doesn’t charge after using the rice, I’m not sure what your options may be. It could be that the battery is damaged or the main logic board might have been fried– it’s hard to say. Since Microsoft is no longer producing Zunes I think your options are: (1) Try to repair it yourself buying parts from, (2) Email and see how much they would charge to fix it, (3) Get a new device. If you go with option (3), you can try buying a used one off eBay or or go the Apple route. I’ve got an Apple iPod Touch and it works great for my needs.

  84. Paulie-D says:

    I just had my Zune 4GB “Flash” repaired for $39.99 with $8 return shipping by My Zune stopped being recognized when plugged into any PC. Rapid Repair said it was a bent finger in the connector port which required a new motherboard. I am very pleased with the result and fees.

  85. zunetips says:

    Hey, I’m glad you were able to get your Zune fixed at a reasonable price.

  86. Brandi Parker says:

    I have a zune 30 GB, my charger port is broken is it possible for it to be fixed without losing all my content?

  87. Well, I have an 80gb that by an “Act of God” just stop working. I’t doesn’t: turn on, charge, or appear something in the screen. It hasn’t take any damage. How it happend?? Late at night I just connected it to the computer to sync some new songs. When I woke up, there was a messege in the computer saying that the device have a problem and to try to restart the device or the computer (I don’t remember). And when I try to turn on the device, just doesn’t do anything. I also wanted to make shure it wasn’t the screen by putting some earphones and see if I could hear something…………and nothing. I tried to charged it in the computer, in the wall plug, even in my car and it doesn’t work. I will apreciate any help I can get. Thank U!!! 😥

  88. Ron says:

    I have a dead Zune 120. Was wondering if it is possible to use the hard drive in another device or find a way to recover the songs/video on it? Would appreciate anyone’s help.

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