Replacement Zune is on it’s way…

I just checked the web page and found that my replacement Zune is on it’s way back, due to arrive via ground FedEx on next Friday. So, here’s the timline for my warranty repair of my Zune:

  1. Called and opened a repair ticket. Received a FedEx box for returning my Zune (6 days).
  2. Overnight delivery of Zune to Repair Center (1 Day).
  3. Repair center repairs my Zune (6 days).
  4. Zune is sent ground FedEx from Texas to Seattle (5 days (estimate)).

So it seems that from the day I called the repair center to when I got my fixed Zune would be 18 days. What I don’t understand, is that they send a return box that has overnight delivery, but they ship the repaired Zune via ground which takes 5 days.

In any case, I’m crossing my fingers that my replacement unit doesn’t have the typical issues that plagued other Zune users (e.g., dust and fingerprints under the screen, low battery life, constant rebooting, scratches and damage, etc.).


12 thoughts on “Replacement Zune is on it’s way…

  1. brian says:

    Zune 30 stopped working on March 15. I called on Monday, March 17 and they said a box would be at my door within 5 working days. On March 24, I called to inquire as to the location of the box. It had not been shipped, but they shipped one immediately and it arrived on the 28th. I loaded the Zune into the coffin and ran it to Kinko’s by 3:30, well ahead of the 5 p.m. final pickup. Got the tracking number and verifed the unit arrived at the repair center in Texas on Monday, March 31. They said five working days for turnaround and back in the mail. Today was the 10th working day since they received the unit. I called for an update and was told there were units on the work docket ahead of mine and that it would be at least another “few days” before it would be fixed and back on its way.

    My best case scenario is that I will get my Zune back by April 21. That’s the sixth working day from today. I’m guessing it will not arrive until Friday, April 25 at the earliest. That would be 20 working days from the time I shipped the unit, 30 working days (six weeks) from my first phone call.

    I will be requesting an extension of my Zune warranty when my unit returns from Texas. I know, good luck there, too. But I believe it’s well within my rights, since MS already has failed to deliver on its stated turnaround goal.

    At least all my music is safely backed-up.

  2. zunetips says:

    Brian – I hear ya, Man. It’s really unfortunate that it takes so long to do a warranty repair. When I was at the FedEx dropoff facility, the woman behind the counter said she sees a lot of these small boxes going to the “repair center” in TX and asked what was in it. I said it was a “Zune” (and promptly explained, “… like an iPod”). So, it seems that there may be lots of defective Zunes being sent back for warranty repair.

    I just wonder what to do after the 1-year warranty is up with my Zune… should I get an extended warranty, or just try to fix it myself if it breaks again?

  3. Well, thanks for the good news. I received my zune and it broke the same day, so I sent it back. It took 4 days for the box.. and I was expecting it’d take around 15 days for repair, but since it only took you 5, I guess i could be in luck… Waiting for a zune is terrible >.<

  4. zunetips says:

    Soccerfreak24 – It may be that in my case, the fix was simply reconnecting a loose cable for the LCD screen. That may be why it didn’t take very long to fix. Or, they may have simply set me a refurbished unit knowing that the problem would be easy to fix and can be used later as a refurb exchange. My hope, is that they fixed my Zune because I took such good care of it. Good luck with your exchange.

  5. mr. president says:

    i recently bought a zune n its the second one that i got. but the battery keeps leaking out acid after like 3 months of use. it very annoying to have battery acid in your pocket. im wondering if and where i can get replacement batteries. i am a technician so i might just be able to install it myself. other than my battery problem the zune is a pretty good device.
    if any one has any info plz comment back.

  6. zunetips says:

    president – Man, a leaky battery is bad news! 😦

    I suggest you check out where you can get a Zune battery for $20 US. They also have downloadable guides that show you how to open up your case.

  7. Mohit says:

    On 18th may-2009 I have raised the repair ticket for my zune. and i am due to receive the box on 22nd may2009 I wanted to know who would pay for the shipment of zune return box to MS. or is the return box is self stamped your comment shall be highly appreciated.



  8. zunetips says:

    Mohit: The FedEx return box has a pre-paid label, so you just put your broken Zune in it and ship it back. You don’t pay for any shipping.

  9. Mohit says:

    Thanks a ton for the help

    I really appreciate your prompt response.

  10. ~amberr!!!~ says:

    I have to know with the replacement zune, is it the same as your zune? Do you have to put your music on it youself? What do you do with it when you get your own zune back?
    My zune had stopped working a while back and my cousin suggested that I send it in to the zune company. So I did. And now it’s in the process of them waiting on it. So when your Zune came back, did it still have everything on there. Like all your videos and music and pictures? I constantly check the process of mine. But I don’t really understand them so much. If you don’t mind, could you tell me a little bit about how things worked out for you. Just to calm my nerves a bit.

    And of course, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!


  11. zunetips says:

    amber: The replacement Zune was the same model as my original (Zune 80). I couldn’t tell if it was brand new or a refurbished unit, but it looked new to me. I haven’t had any problems since receiving the replacement unit.

    The Zune came empty, so I needed to sync all my music and video files. It wasn’t a big deal, as I just made a connection with my PC and ran the Zune Software. It just takes a while for all you files to sync up.

    I know it’s tough having to wait, but it will only make you appreciate your Zune even more!

  12. ~amberr!!!~ says:

    Thank you very much for getting back to me! I really appreciate your help.


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