My Zune is back from the Repair Center!

After waiting 18 days, my Zune 80 has finally returned from the Repair Center in Texas. It arrived via FedEx Ground in the same small cardboard box that I was given for the return. Inside, was a well-protected Zune surrounded by fitted foam and a small brown Zune pouch. Also included was a form letter indicating that the repair center replace my unit (instead of fixing it). I’ve scanned this letter and have made it available below:

The replacement Zune looked in pristine condition (just like my original Zune that I sent in), and I verified that it was a different unit by the serial number on the back. So, I couldn’t tell if it was a brand new unit or a refurbished one.

In any case, I began the procedure of upgrading to the latest OS version, followed by removing all the pre-installed audio, video, and podcast files. The next step, was to sync my picture, audio, video, and podcast files to my new Zune (which took all day). As it turned out, my video sync folder had been accumulating new video files from the 18 days of TV show recordings, so I needed to pare it down to fit on my 80 GB Zune.

So far, everything seems to be working ok. I have to admit, it took me about 5 minutes to relearn how all the menus worked on the Zune (I guess I’m getting old), but I seem to be back in business. It sure is nice to have my Zune back, and hopefully I won’t need to send it in for repairs soon!

Because of this experience, it really makes me wonder how fragile the Zune 80 is. Would I have purchased a Zune 80 if I knew it would be prone to failure so easily? Probably not. But then again, where could you buy a large screen video player device with 80 GB of storage space for the price of the Zune 80?


22 thoughts on “My Zune is back from the Repair Center!

  1. i-bystander says:

    Good to hear you got your Zune back. This line intrigued me “…so I needed to pare it down to fit on my 80 GB Zune…” – can you provide some details on what you have on your device? Some numbers would help: music, videos, etc., along with their average size (or in the case of videos, their range).

    BTW, did you get a decent case for your Zune yet?


  2. zunetips says:

    i-bystander: My desktop PC is set up to record my favorite TV shows using a TV Tuner, and automatically convert these recordings to WMV format for syncing with my Zune 80. So, my Video sync folder has been growing in files ever since I sent my Zune in for repair. The number of files have grown in that folder to exceed 80 GB, so I needed to remove some of my older video files from the video sync folder so that videos could sync properly.

    I don’t have very many music files, but I do have lots of video files (a 45-minute show takes up about 280 MB in size). Also, I’ve subscribed to several video Podcasts which takes up a good deal of space.

  3. Abhi says:

    I sent in my zune, because the screen was all messed up. I left in in backpack in my athletic locker for tennis. Then, when i came back, the screen was messed up. I saw two very very small superficial dents, so i guessed some books or something must have put some pressure on it. However, when i called it in, they only asked if i’d dropped it or if the glass was cracked on the screen. i said no, and 2 weeks later, they sent me a brand new zune from zune originals with extra earphones and usb cable. I love their warranty

  4. zunetips says:

    Abhi: You may have gotten lucky. I’ve read some postings where a person’s Zune had a slight scratch or slight dent and they denied the warranty repair. Then again, these postings may have just been anecdotal incidences and not the norm.

  5. Tsujinx says:

    hey i just got my zune and the glass screen was cracked
    do you think that microsoft will repair it for free?
    if so can you give me the number i can’t seem to find it

  6. zunetips says:

    Tsujinx: If you bought it from a local store or online store and you received it with a cracked screen, I would return it where you bought it for an exchange. From what I’ve read on the various forum postings, a crack screen isn’t covered under the Microsoft warranty program. They assume that you dropped it and broke it, so that isn’t covered under warranty.

    If you want have it fixed or try to fix it yourself, I suggest you do a Google search for a site that offers such a service.

    FYI, I dropped my Motorola Q phone last year and a big crack appeared across the top glass face. My cell phone provider (Verizon) refused to replace the phone since it still worked. I did a Google search and found a place in China that sold the glass screen cover for $5.00 US + shipping. Consequently, I ordered it and easily replaced the cracked screen. So in your case, you might be able to do the same thing.

    Good luck.

  7. static says:

    zunetips, how did u replace the screen?

  8. zunetips says:

    static: First, I was talking about replacing the glass screen cover on my Moto-Q phone (not my Zune). This glass cover is simply attached to the Moto-Q with double-sided tape, so I used a razor to pry up one of the edges and pulled the screen off. The replacement screen that I purchased online had the double-sided tape already on it, so all I had to do was press the new screen in place. Very easy. In fact, I did a google search and found a web page that had pictures of how to do this procedure. So, if you’re needing to replace the screen on your Moto-Q phone, I suggest you do a quick Google search.

  9. SIR DJ says:

    hey i just broke my ZUNE SCREEN (the outer glass not the inter glass)

    do u think ZUNE will fix it


    should i just buy a new 120gb?

    btw i have a 80gb

  10. zunetips says:

    The Zune Repair Center will not fix it, but you might try “Rapid Repair” (google it online).

  11. tot says:

    my zune 30 hanged and the lock icon was shown. how can i unlock this?

  12. Kay says:

    I have really not been very happy with my Zune,I bought it for my son for Christmas last year.(5 months ago). The first problem the Zune wouldn’t charge so after about 10 days I was sent a cord.The second the Zune would not work at all so I was sent an ups label and sent it back,after about 15-20 days I received it back and then it would not charge,finally after trying different ports it finally started working again.I bought the Zune hard cover plastic case so it would help protect it,but it dropped on the floor from about 10 inches from the floor and cracked the inside screen,now I have to pay to replace it.The Zune is on its way back to the repair center.I am sure that I will not buy another one,even though the screen is a lot bigger.I have had too many problems in such a short time.

  13. ~amberr!!!~ says:

    So did you have to reupload all of your songs, videos, and pictures onto it?

  14. zunetips says:

    amber: Yes, you will need to re-sync all your files to your replacement Zune. Not a big deal… just connect your Zune to your PC and run the Zune software.

  15. David Kellas says:

    my freakin zune locks up, i dislike them alot

  16. zunetips says:

    Kellas: What model Zune do you have, and how old is it? If it’s still under warranty, you should be able to send it in for repair. Otherwise, I might try a hard-reset and do a firmware updated (if you haven’t done so already).

  17. Stephen Carpenter says:

    I recently sent in my zune because I dropped it I was wondering what comes back with a replacement zune? It is an 80GB.

  18. zunetips says:

    Stephen: Is your Zune still under warranty? If so, then you’ll probably get a refurbished unit since Microsoft is no longer making the Zune 80.

  19. Margot says:

    Help! My HD seems to have a problem where the headphones plug in. It worked fine for a few weeks but now the connection seems broken – I only get half the sounds, as if the balance is off (instruments, no vocals). I have been all over and can’t seem to find where to send for hardware repairs. It’s still under warranty. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

  20. paul says:

    had my zune 8gb for 3 and a half years, love it and cant get through my workday without it. just last week it started actin funny-first it locked up while it was playing random and wouldnt lat me do anything but play/pause. a reset fixed that. then the next day it wouldnt turn on, 2 days ago. nothing works and of course they dont even make my chintzy little model anymore so i found a brand new 80gb on ebay for 40 bucks and im waiting for it to get here. 3 years of pretty much continuous use sometimes in an industrial work environment and it just died now! cant really complain, much. but i do love zune and will contiue to use their products

  21. bob says:

    Do you have the address for the repair shop in TX… I call 877 zune number and they will not give it out. I have a smaller zune that will not hold a charge. India wants to charge me $60 but i would just like to send it to them so they can fix the battery or replace it.

  22. zunetips says:

    Sorry, I don’t have the repair phone number. You might consider replacing the rechargable battery yourself. Check out which will sell you the replacement battery and give you instructions on how to open up your Zune.

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