Defining Zune Sync Folders

I’ve come across a lot of forum postings by Zune newbies asking how to sync music, picture, and video files to their new Zunes. In my opinion, the easiest way is to set up sync folders on your PC which the Zune Software will monitor and sync the contents. So how do you do this? The graphic image below show the setup page in the Zune Software for defining the sync folders:

(click on image to enlarge it)

You get to this setup screen in your Zune Software under “Settings” and “Software”. Here, you can define one or more monitored folders for Music, Pictures, Video, and Podcasts (individually). Once you do this, you can copy any appropriate file into them to have that file synced with your Zune. Note, that you can’t put a music file (.mp3) in the video sync folder and expect the Zune to sync it. Also, all of these files are being synced, so removing a file from this sync folder will also remove it from your Zune device the next time you sync it.


9 thoughts on “Defining Zune Sync Folders

  1. Allen says:

    i had a fairly extensive video library saved to an external hard drive. as each file was converted and saved, it appeared in my zune software collection. it worked this way for several weeks, and i could easily access all my videos and sync them to my device without any problems. then one day, without warning or error message, my videos no longer appeared in the software collection. it reads, “you have no movies in your collection.” all of the videos were converted to wmv format. any ideas?

  2. zunetips says:

    Did you try deleting the link to that folder and re-establishing it in the Zune Software? You didn’t upgrade your Zune device recently, did you (from Zune 30 to Zune 120)?

  3. Allen says:

    thanks for the feedback. i should have said: (1) the zune120 is the original that the software was set with. (2) i’ve deleted the link a couple of times and re-established the path. (3) i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the software. (4) i’m using the “cucosoft” video converter. it worked for a long time. then one day, poof. all of the videos on the external hard drive no longer showed up in the zune collection.

  4. zunetips says:

    Allen: If you convert your videos using Cucusoft in a format that the Zune Software doesn’t recognize or is out of the specs for your Zune 120 device, the Zune Software won’t see it. I’ve also had issues with some converted wmv files that didn’t have all the meta data tags defined correctly and thus the Zune software didn’t see the wmv file.

    I suggest you verify that the output settings you are using for Cucusoft are correct for the Zune.

  5. Allen says:

    thanks for the help. i have about 100 movies that i used cucusoft on and were recognized in my zune collection. it was all of a sudden after working for several months that it went aaaaarrrrrrgh!!! so, 2 questions: (1) if they worked before, would it really be a conversion specs thing? (2) if it is somehow a conversion specs issue that all of a sudden impacted files that were previously recognized, do i need to delete all of the videos, and start over???

    mahalo nui for all your patience and suggestions. i know the answer is out there.

  6. Allen says:

    ok. try this out: i’ve been looking under the “movies” tab in the zune collection. i never thought about it before, but this time i looked under the “all” tab, and voila! there they were, every one of those little files!!! so, my inexperienced mind is wondering, what is the difference between “movies” and how they are being read and stored by the zune software??

    in any event, mahalo, mahalo! thanks again for giving me some hints. it is making me go back to cucusoft and make sure that i have everything accurate.

  7. zunetips says:

    You can categorize your videos as “TV”, “Movie”, and “Other”, so depending on how you categorize them they will be filtered on the Zune display depending on which category you pick. As you’ve discovered, “All” shows all your videos. This category label is specified in the metadata tag for the wmv video files. If you are using mp4 files, then I believe the category label is actually stored in a different file (not in the video file directly).

    If you want to categorize your videos, you can use the “Edit” option in the Zune Software to apply a category to each of your videos.

  8. Allen says:

    thanks. i really appreciate your tip. i’m a new user and am hoping that it starts to make sense. for now, i’ll focus on categorizing.

  9. Ronstar says:


    I have tried ad nauseum to fix this problem, to no avail.
    All I had to do was click “all” like you.

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

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