Emergency Zune Battery Charger

Several years ago, I used my HP iPAQ 1910 Pocket PC device for watching videos while on an plane flight. Just in case I ran out of battery power, I brought along a small battery-powered charger (which took 4-AA batteries) to use as an “extender” so I could continue to use my Pocket PC device. So, I was wondering if a similar device existed for my Zune 80?

After doing some searching, I found several “Emergency Chargers” available for iPods, Zunes, and other devices that can be charged from a 5V USB port. I also came across several sites where people have built their own chargers, which I could do since I’ve got some basic electronic soldering and assembly skills. However, having to find all the required electronic parts and hoping the online instructions are correct dissuaded me from going that route.

Instead, I would opt to buying a commercial charger that is available on the web. Note, that it appears not all USB emergency chargers will charge a Zune 80 device. Apparently, some don’t have the required circuitry to boost the AA-battery power up to voltage requirements for the Zune, so be careful when selecting a charger.

The EZGear Powerstick seems to be a viable emergency charger that is reviewed on the ZuneScene.com web site. They used it to charge a Zune 30, so I’d assume it would also work for a Zune 4/8/80 device as well. The charger requires 4-AA batteries, and has a price tag of $30 US.

The Gomadic Emergency AA Battery Charge Extender is available from the Amazon web store and is specifically designed to charge a 2nd generation Zune 80 using 4-AA batteries. The price for this charger is $20 US from Amazon.

The i-nique Battery extender for Microsoft Zune is also available from Amazon.com going for a price of $15 US.

The Microsoft Zune AA Battery Booster can be purchased from thepocketsolution.com for $12.95 US.

So, there are several viable battery-powered chargers available to keep your Zune powered up when you’re away from a AC wall outlet or PC USB’s port. Just do a google search for “Emergency Zune charger” and see what pops up!


3 thoughts on “Emergency Zune Battery Charger

  1. Speaking of batteries. Do you know if the zune can charge when it’s powered off (hold back + down)? I have the A/V pack v1 and a 80gb zune and when I tried charging it when it’s powered off, it didn’t charge.

  2. zunetips says:

    From my experience, the Zune 80 does continue to charge if it is “turned off”. I’ve tried this using a standard sync cable and also with the Zune v1 Dock. Are you charging it via an AC outlet or from a computer USB port? If you’re using a Dock, I believe you must have it plugged into an AC outlet.

  3. morganz888 says:

    it does charge when the device are off.. also, inspiretech has some zune chargers for decent price

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