Have You Check Out a Podcast Lately?

While I was in the process of reloading files to my repaired Zune 80, I cleared out all my old Podcast subscriptions to start fresh. As I was perusing the available podcasts on the Zune Marketplace, I was amazed on the number of audio and video podcasts that were currently available. When I first got my Zune (back in December), I scanned through the podcasts and signed up for about 10 or so, but I’m astounded by the shear number of podcasts that are on the Marketplace now. What’s especially nice, is the number and variety of the video podcasts.

So if you’re wanting to view videos on your Zune but don’t want to mess with video ripping, conversion, etc. I suggest you try subscribing to a few video Podcasts. You can watch Nova science clips, Comedy Central short performances, or nightly news broadcasts. Audio podcasts are also nice if you’re driving a lot in the car, or traveling on a long plane or bus ride. Just be careful about subscribing to too many podcasts, as you may fill up your storage space really quickly!


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